Postmaster Pete is a Dog NPC shopkeeper found on Loopy Lane, Toontown Central. His building is called Toontown Post Office. He is a chubby, green dog with a light-blue shirt with orange pants. He is the Toon that will give you your last Toontasks in Toontown Central.


This Toontask is the last toontask in Toontown Central. It will reward you with the Last Frame for your Toon-Up/Sound Track.

  1. Visit Postmaster Pete in Toontown Post Office, Loopy Lane.
  2. Recover a Package from one of the following: The Cogs or a Level 3 Cog.(Anywhere)
  3. Return to Postmaster Pete.
  4. Deliver the Package to Dr. Tom in Dr. Tom Foolery, Silly Street.
  5. Defeat 10 Cogs.(Anywhere)
  6. Return to Dr. Tom.
  7. Recover a Package from one of the following: Bossbots, Lawbots, Cashbots, or Sellbots Cogs.
  8. Return to Dr. Tom.
  9. Deliver a Package to Dr. Pulyurleg in Dr. Pulyurleg, Chiropractor, Punchline Place.
  10. Visit Postmaster Pete.
  11. Recover a Package from The Cogs.(Anywhere)
  12. Return to Postmaster Pete.
  13. Deliver a Package to Dr. Pulyurleg.


  • The task he gives is one of the ones you'll hear Toons asking for help with the most in Toontown Central.