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"Positive Alex" is the sixty-first episode overall and the tenth episode of the third season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Alex has a crush on George, the school's bandleader, but is unable to get his attention because he is turned off by her sour attitude and unenergetic cheers at the school basketball games. Determined to get George to ask her to the school dance, she casts a spell on herself to become a positive person. Unfortunately, the spell backfires when, during the next game, Alex's newfound optimism turns out to be too much when she starts cheering for the opposing team, ultimately leading Tribeca Prep to squander a huge lead and lose the game. Meanwhile, Justin has joined the basketball team and is trying to get a big senior moment captured on video. During the game, Justin gets to play and scores 3 three pointers. However, Max, tasked with capturing the game on videotape, is too fascinated with the camera, conducting somewhat embarrassing zoom-in shots of Theresa and Jerry, and forgets all about the action on the court.

Magical Object

  • A Magical Marker: When written on skin, the person becomes whatever was written on his or her arm.

Guest starring

  • Austin Butler as George, Bill Chott as Mr. Laritate and Dan Benson as Zeke


  • Kandyn Bouchez as Cheerleader #1, Karli Reynolds as Cheerleader #2, Danni Hooks as Cheerleader #3, Bryan Escobar as Male Cheerleader #1, Rob Westin as Male Cheerleader #2


  • Alex was forcefully turned into a cheerleader in "Franken Girl". This is the third episode in a row where there are no spells.

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