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"Pop Me and We Both Go Down" is the tenth episode of the first season of Wizards of Waverly Place.


When Justin gets a big zit on his forehead right before the school dance, Alex tries to get rid of it and accidentally uses an animation spell on it causing Justin to face trouble his zit gets him into at the dance. Meanwhile, Alex searches for her father's trophy as she accidentally animated it and so she can learn the reversal spell to un-animate Justin's zit when she found the trophy. But in the end Justin finds out that Miranda, the girl in his biology class, has a zit as well.


  • Murrieta Animata – animate an object
  • Jolovitz-rid-of-zitz – destroy acne
  • Garibay Immobilitay – unanimate an animated object

Reference: The spell Murrieta Animata is named after Peter Murrieta, an executive producer and writer for the series.

Note: This is the last appearance of Lucy Hale as Miranda. Miranda & Justin break up.

Note: In this episode Miranda is the "new girl" and Justin just met her, but in the episode "First Kiss" they were already dating for a while, so this episode takes place before the previous episodes.

Guest stars: Zone as DJ, J.R. May as Large Boyfriend, Charlie Bodin as Trophy Man, Lucy Hale as Miranda, Curtis Armstrong as The Zit

Absent: Jennifer Stone as Harper Finkle

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