Pomp and Circumstance – Marches 1, 2, 3 and 4 is a segment from Fantasia 2000, set to the composition of the same name by Edward Elgar. Based on the story of Noah's Ark from the Book of Genesis, it stars Donald Duck in the role of Noah's first mate, as well as Daisy Duck. During the course of the segment, Donald musters the animals to the Ark and misses, but later reunites with Daisy in the process.


As the time of the Great Flood draws near, Noah rounds up all the animals and instructs Donald to ensure that they all get onto the Ark. The animals refuse to get on at first, but after a bolt of lightning nearly hits them, they comply. The dragon, griffin, and unicorn sit by, laughing. While he is checking them off on his list, Donald realizes Daisy has not yet come aboard. He rushes back to their hut to get her, not seeing her get on as he does. Suddenly, a giant wave crashes over their hut, washing it away. Daisy, who is watching from the Ark's window, doesn't see Donald rush back to the ark in time and thinks he got washed away too. Similarly, Donald thinks the same thing about her as he failed to notice she wasn't still in the house and both are saddened by the apparent loss of one another.

Forty days and forty nights later, after the rain has let up, Donald sends out a male dove to check for land, angrily pulling him away from his mate whom he refuses to leave in the process. Upon seeing the female dove cry because her mate is gone, Donald realizes that he is missing Daisy more and more. Elsewhere on the Ark, Daisy looks at a picture of her and Donald that she keeps in a locket, and begins to feel the same way.  Throughout the voyage, neither duck knows that the other is there.

The male dove soon returns with a twig from an olive tree. When the ark lands, Donald looks on as the animals, some of which had young during the journey (for instance, the rabbits had at least 20 young), climb off. As Noah is leaving, he ruffles Donald's head feathers affectionately to congratulate him on a job well done, but Donald continues to feel sad about the apparent loss of his girlfriend. Elsewhere, Daisy is walking down the plank when she realizes that her locket has fallen off its chain. Going back to look for it, she finds it and bends down to pick it up. Donald, having noticed the locket as he stepped out to sweep up some dirt, reaches down to pick it up at the same time. They both see one another and are overjoyed to see that the other is alive. Daisy kisses Donald and they walk away together to admire their new home under a beautiful rainbow.


Pomp and Circumstance was a piece selected for Fantasia 2000 at the suggestion of Michael Eisner, who was inspired by attending his son's college graduation, saying "Pomp and Circumstance' probably has more pleasant associations in people's minds than any other piece of music, because it is always being played when you or someone you love are achieving something".

Before the Noah's Ark storyline was chosen, Eisner and the executives wanted the sequence to feature as many Disney characters as possible and was centered on a procession of the Disney Princesses, accompanied by their Princes and children, from Snow White up to Princess Jasmine. Numerous Disney characters in the audience could be seen watching this parade, but a certain set of characters were not invited: the Disney Villains, who proceed to crash the party. Donald Duck was present in this story and tried to send the villains back by using the Sorcerer's Hat, though his efforts to retrieve it provide a number of comedic gags. Eisner had hoped to invite many of the surviving members of the Nine Old Men to come back to animate their characters, but upon a screening of the storyreel, they immediately rejected the proposal and called the sequence one of the most terrible things they had ever seen.[1]

Pomp and Circumstance eventually shifted to a Noah's Ark storyline, though with a dove in the role of Noah's assistant instead of Donald. Additionally, an alternative Donald Duck sequence was pitched in the form of an Icarus story set to Flight of the Valkyries.


  • Frank makes a cameo as the male frilled lizard.
  • Two Asian elephants resemble Colonel Hathi and Winifred, two penguins resemble the Penguin Waiters, two alligators resemble Brutus and Nero, two hippos resemble the ones from Dumbo, two Eagles resemble Marahute, and two skunks in the beginning resemble Flower, and Miss Skunk.
  • Among the animals featured are: koala, red kangaroo, African and Asian elephants, nine-banded armadillo, snowshoe hare, American beaver, house mouse, North American porcupine, aye-aye, white-handed gibbon, western gorilla, red fox, arctic wolf, polar bear, giant panda, walrus, Eastern raccoon, North American river otter, striped skunk, lion, cheetah, spotted hyena, plains zebra, black rhino, hippo, llama, dromedary, moose, giraffe, kob, African buffalo, yak, American bison, mountain goat, musk-ox, ostrich, snow goose, mallard duck, gentoo penguin, greater flamingo, cattle egret, great white pelican, bald eagle, griffon vulture, domesticated pigeon, great horned owl, pileated woodpecker, Toco toucan, frilled lizard, veiled chameleon, desert tortoise, American alligator, burmese python, common frog, and garden snail.


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