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The ZhuZhus (originally titled Polly and the Zhu Zhu Pets) is a Canadian/American animated children's TV series produced by Cepia LLC, Corus Entertainment, and Nelvana. The series is based on the American toy franchise, Zhu Zhu Pets.

The series premiered on September 12, 2016 on Disney Channel in the United States. Later, the series will premiere on YTV in Canada.


Adapted from the popular ZhuZhu toy line, Polly and the ZhuZhu Pets chronicles the life of Polly Pamplemousse and her family.
―Disney Channel website

Cast and characters

Character Actor Seasons present
Frankie Pamplemousse Jenna Warren Season 1
Pipsqueak Tajja Isen
Mr. Squiggles Richard Binsley
Num Nums Stephany Seki
Chunk Robert Tinkler
Ellen Pamplemousse Stacey DePass
Mr. Pamplemousse Zachary Bennett
Wilfred Kerdle Patrick McKenna
Cindy Gelato Rebecca Brenner
Mindy Gelato Samantha Weinstein
Umpire Zachary Bennett Episode 2a
Cashier Stacey DePass Episode 2b
Teacher Helen King Episode 3b
Secretary Maria Vacratsis
Whendy Sails Nicole Stamp Episode 4b
TV girl Stephany Seki Episode 5a
Announcer Robert Tinkler Episode 5b
Madge Brianna D'Aguanno Episode 6a
Mr. Math Richard Binsley
TV host Stephany Seki Episode 6b
Screaming Monkey Richard Binsley Episode 8b
Store clerk Robert Tinkler Episode 13b
Old lady Stacey DePass


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These games can be seen on the The ZhuZhus website:


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Frankie Pamplemousse | Pipsqueak | Mr. Squiggles | Num Nums | Chunk | Ellen Pamplemousse | Mr. Pamplemousse | Cindy and Mindy Gelato | Mr. Kerdle


Season One: "Happy Bounciversary" | "Say It Don't Spray It" | "Home Run Hamsters" | "Chip off the Old Chunk" | "Walter-Gate" | "Janitor Day" | "Goldfish Fingers" | "Skate-lebrity" | "Zombie Sleep Over" | "The No-Kart Race" | "Storming the Cat Castle" | "Ha Ha Hamsters" | "Fur-Vivor" | "Zhuper Girl" | "Wingin' It" | "Friendship Friend-zy" | "Dreams O'Clock" | "Badge to the Bone" | "Zhu Year's Eve" | "Lookies for Cookies"


Theme song | Friendship Song



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