Pod squad

Pod Squad is a online game based on Lilo & Stitch.


Lilo and Stitch would do anything to live on a peaceful island and when there is a threat that experiments are going to create chaos on it, they do everything they can to stop this thing from happening. In the Pod Squad game you will need to help Lilo catch as many pods as she can and hand them over to Stitch as fast as possible. Using the left and the right arrow keys from your keyboard, move Lilo from one side to another in order to catch the falling pods. Be careful because she will not be able to carry more than five pods in her backpack. This is why you need to give them to Stitch and to do this thing, run to the side where he is waiting and press the Space Bar to hand the pods to him. If you try to catch more than five pods at once, Lilo will throw them all into the air and lose them. You earn some points for each pod that Lilo hands to Stitch. The space ship moves fast and it can throw bonuses for Lilo. If you will catch flowers, they will decrease the chaos meter. The chaos meter will grow little by little every time you lose one experiment. If you will catch a seashell, it will empty your backpack and you will be able to catch more pods. The starfishes will make Lilo run faster and she will be able to grab more pods this way. At the end of the game, you will see your final score and you will be able to play again if you want to!

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