Pluto and the Gopher is an animated short starring Minnie Mouse and Pluto.


Pluto tries to rid Minnie's garden of a pesky gopher, and pretty much destroys the garden in the process.




Home video

Have a Laugh! changes

The following scenes were omitted from the short release due to time constraints:

  • Pluto catching the gopher in his paws as it eats some flowers.
  • Pluto digging up the gopher's hole.
  • Minnie glowering at Pluto, who tries to explain to her the gopher that is responsible for digging up the yard.
  • The gopher running into the glass door in trying to find its way out.
  • The gopher sucking down some flower-themed images on the carpet.
  • Pluto rolling up the carpet to uncover the gopher.
  • The gopher leading Pluto on a chase through the living room, as it runs through a footstool and across a heating grate.
  • The gopher landing in the opening to a bottle of soda, after being launched out of a bellows by Pluto, the carbonation of which launches the gopher across the room to bounce off some guitar strings.


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