Pluto's Sweater is a 1949 animated short starring Pluto, Minnie Mouse, and Figaro the kitten.


Minnie knits an ugly pink sweater for Pluto, much to his disgust. He is then teased by Figaro at home, and then tries to escape his fate even by hiding under the couch with the sweater on! Minnie notices this, and tells the dog that he isn't going anywhere except outside with the sweater, as she forcefully carries him out the door. He tries to get back in, but with each attempt, she throws him back out.

Even the neighborhood dogs tease him when he is outdoors. No matter how many times he attempts to rid of it, it stays on. He decides to accept his fate and wear it despite being the butt of jokes. When he falls in the water, it shrinks. He returns home, albeit now wearing it like a mask, frightening Minnie who was reading a horror novel called The Hooded Monster. She is shocked, but then sees that it has been water-shrunk and is upset. As Minnie is crying, Pluto notices that it fits Figaro and points this out to Minnie. He is then made to wear it, and he angrily snarls that he is consigned to the same thing he reveled in teasing Pluto about, thus the moral being "he who laughs last laughs best".




Home video



Have a Laugh! changes

The following scenes were deleted from the short release due to time constraints:

  • Pluto imagining Minnie in the sweater, only to realize it's for him, after which he envisions himself in it.
  • Pluto kicking out Figaro from his hiding place under the couch.
  • Figaro finishing the process of the sweater being put on Pluto by pulling out his tail through it.
  • Minnie telling Pluto that his sweater will keep him warm while outside.
  • A shocked Pluto seeing the sweater on him as he looks in the mirror.
  • After getting thrown out of the house once, Pluto trying to go back in twice more, only to get thrown out again twice more.
  • Pluto, in trying to extract himself from his sweater, hears footsteps, which turn out to come from the sweater around his middle.
  • Pluto struggling on the ground with his temporarily-inflated sweater.
  • Pluto walking off with the now-shrunk sweater over his head.
  • Minnie reading "The Hooded Monster" when she hears someone (Pluto with the shrunk sweater over his head).

Comic adaptation

The short was adapted as a comic book story written by Don Christensen and drawn by Frank McSavage. Published in Walt Disney's Christmas Parade #2, the story has a few minor changes from the original short, most notably having the story set at Christmastime and adding in Mickey.


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