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Pluto's Fledgling is a 1948 animated short starring Pluto.


Bighearted Pluto helps Orville the bird learn to fly.


The story begins with Orville, a baby bird, who was in his nest, left by his mother and brothers, who are already flying to forget about that one. Upon wishing to fly like his mother and brothers, Orville gets up on the nest, and jumps up and down. He jumps out of his nest, and desperately tries to fly, but ends up landing in Pluto's water dish, causing Pluto to wake up and see Orville nearly drowning. Pluto rescues Orville and returns him to his nest. Then Pluto falls in a funny way until he reaches his dog house.

A bit later, however, the little bird pushes the hay of his nest, and somehow, tries to fly again, until he falls again, and this time, lands on Pluto's nose, causing the dog to wake up and bark. In a very quick defensive reaction, Pluto doesn't realize that in the next moment the little bird is in his mouth again. After that, the little bird tries to fly, then ends up falling, and grabbing onto Pluto's nose. When Pluto realizes that the bird can't fly, he feels very sorry for himself and the tiny creature. Pluto is a smart and clever dog, and teaches the little bird how to fly... a mission which is successfully made in the end. Now they are both happy because of their mutual success.




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