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"Pleasue Island" is a song from the television film Geppetto. The song is sung by The Ringleader and his Roustabouts as they convince the children to all act like "Jackasses" on the the titular island.


(The part in brackets is not in the soundtrack version.)

Shouldn't there be a place where nothing is naughty,
Shouldn't there be a place where anything goes,

Where shouldn't,
and can't,
and don't,
and ought, evaporate,
And fun's the only biz,
guess what, there is!

Ringleader & Roustabouts
Pleasure Island,
Pleasure Island,
It's that what's for supper,
Candy, cake and Pie-Land,

See that window,
why not break it,
See that toy there,
Aw just take it!

And you'll never have a lesson,
or a chore to do,
Rules and Limits,
Kiss Goodbye land,
Pleasure Island welcomes you!

Wouldn't you like to play and party forever,
Wouldn't you like to fight, and frolic, and fuss,
To stomp in the mud and get real dirty,
And never apologize,
If that's your sort of thing, then sing with us,

Ringleader, Roustabouts and Boys
Pleasure Island,
Pleasure Island,
It's that what's for supper,
Candy, Cake and Pie-Land,

See that window,
Let's go break it,
See that toy there,
We'll just take it!

Cause we think it's really smart,
When you act really dumb,

Ringleader, Roustabouts and Boys
School and bedtimes,
Kiss Goodbye land,

Pleasure Island here we come!

Pleasure Island,
Pleasure Island,
Not an invite-to-which-you-deny land.
See that kitten? Go on, kick it.
See that fence? Break every picket,
And you'll never use a washcloth or a brush or comb.
"Mind your manners."
Not in my land.
Pleasure Island, your new home.]

Wouldn't you like an extra scary adventure!
Wouldn't you like a special sort of thrill,

You Bet!

The kind of a ride,
You scream, and holler,
And close your eyes real tight?

Close your eyes real tight!

More scared than you'll admit,
Well this,
This is it!

Ringleader & Roustabouts
Pleasure Island,
Pleasure Island,

Every thing you ever dreamed,
You get to Try-Land,

Does it scare ya,
Do you fear it,
Double dare ya,
That's the spirit!

You're no chicken,
Though you may find out,
It pays to be,

Ringleader & Roustabouts
As we leave you,
With a Smile-Land,

This Pleasure Island Memory!

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