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Playhouse Disney: Music Play Date is a 2009 Walt Disney Records album featuring songs from various Playhouse Disney shows.

Track listings

  1. Introduction (Ooh and Aah Dialog) - Ooh and Aah
  2. Handy Manny Main Title Theme - Los Lobos
  3. Hop Up, Jump In - The Cast of Handy Manny
  4. Playing in the Sun - The Cast of Handy Manny
  5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme - They Might Be Giants
  6. Mickey's Mousekedoer - Mickey Mouse
  7. Hot Dog! - They Might Be Giants
  8. Going Bananas (Ooh and Aah Dialog) - Ooh and Aah
  9. Imagination Movers Theme - Imagination Movers
  10. Puppy Dog - Imagination Movers
  11. Kick It - Imagination Movers
  12. The Happy Little Monkey's Song - Ooh and Aah
  13. What's Monkercise - Ooh and Aah
  14. Monkey Dance (Ooh and Aah Dialog) - Ooh and Aah
  15. Monster Hoe Down - Happy Monster Band
  16. Do the Monster Stomp - Happy Monster Band
  17. Get Up and Go Go Go - Happy Monster Band
  18. Bunnytown Theme - Cast of Bunnytown
  19. Bunnytown Hop - Cast of Bunnytown
  20. Monkey Music (Ooh and Aah Dialog) - Ooh and Aah
  21. Do Your Own Dance - Choo Choo Soul
  22. Freeze Dance - Choo Choo Soul
  23. Move Like a Chicken - Choo Choo Soul
  24. Special Agent Oso Theme - Joey Gian
  25. Johnny And The Sprites Theme - Johnny and the Sprites
  26. My Friends Tigger & Pooh Theme - Darby
  27. Nothin' Can Bounce Like a Tigger - Tigger
  28. Square Dance Song - Pooh
  29. Good Bye! (Ooh and Aah Dialog) - Ooh and Aah

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