Inspector Alcmeone Pinko is a character created by author Marco Gervasio as the main antagonist of gentleman thief Fantomius.


When on duty, the Inspector wears a detective outfit, with a wide-brimmed hat and a brown raincoat. Otherwise, he wears a white shirt with a vest and grey pants, plus a red necktie.


Pinko is very loyal to his duty and obligations. he was commissioned to capture the elusive thief Fantomius and this task has become a life mission. Despite his commendable efforts, he is clumsy, bumbling and lacks a deductive reasoning that may help him solve cases, and for this reason he is always defeated by the gentleman thief.

He has a relationship of peaceful coexistence with his wife Adelaide. There are rare gestures of afection between them and their relationship is mainly based on mutual respect and common tolerance.

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