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Pinch Raccoon is a young raccoon, approximately the same age as Jelly Otter, who is her best friend. She is the sister of Scootch and cousin to Ricky Raccoon. Her parents are Walter Raccoon and Wanda Raccoon. She is almost never seen without her pink bow.

Pinch Raccoon is very much a lovely girly girl and enjoys being so. She likes tea parties, flowers, dresses, lace and the color pink. Pinch has a healthy imagination and likes stories of castles, princesses and adventure. Her best friend, Jelly, doesn't always share these interests, but the two still get along swimmingly. They made a pact to be best friends forever and were very upset when it looked for a while in "Pinky Pledge" that Pinch might have to move away from Lake Hoohaw.

Pinch was shocked at the behavior of her friend when Jelly behaved like a big-shot pop-star in "The Singin' Kid" and told her that she didn't have "time for any dinky tea party." In "Forgive Me Not," Pinch borrowed Jelly's special red cape and then accidentally ripped it. She tried doing chores to get back on Jelly's good side before Jelly finally realized that she needed to forgive her friend. In "The Silent Treatment," Jelly and Pinch had an argument and almost lost their friendship, but through the help of Peanut, became friends again. "Kid Court" found Pinch ruling over a makeshift court as judge to determine which of the Otter kids would get to watch their favorite TV show. Finally tired of listening to all their arguing, she declared, "I can't stand all this arguing! It hurts my ears! So I'm putting you in jail till you can solve your problems by yourselves!"

Kei Hayami Pinch is quite often seen together with her little brother, Scootch, though the two are very different. Scootch is very energetic, while Pinch tends to be more laid-back in nature. Still, Pinch often enjoys playing together with her brother Scootch when she can. In "Munchy's No Big Deal," Pinch admitted that she finds the giggle fits she often gets embarrassing. Pinch collects flowers and presses them in an album, as seen in "Collector's Edition." She is voiced by Cody Pennes.



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