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Pimilla Nicole "Pim" Diffy is Lloyd and Barbara's daughter and Phil's sister in Phil of the Future. She was portrayed by Amy Bruckner.

Background Information

Pim is a troublemaker and thus hates goody-two-shoes Debbie Berwick. She was portrayed by Amy Bruckner at her current age and Estelle Harris as an old lady. She is a mischievous girl who was constantly up to no good and was even prone to megalomania. She is especially known for liking to pull pranks on people, mainly on Phil, Debbie, and Vice Principal Hackett. She tries to make Phil miserable whenever she could. She hung out with Li'l Danny Dawkins. She also tries to avoid Debbie and Candida. Repeatedly in the show, she looks for ways to dominate the world. Even though she often causes trouble for Phil, and has a tough attitude, she also cares about him but keeps it hidden most of the time. She is two years younger than him.

Episode Appearances

Season One

  • You Say Toe-Mato
  • Meet the Curtis
  • Unification Day
  • Phillin' In
  • Tanner
  • Raging Bull
  • My Way
  • Daddy Dearest
  • Pheromonally Yours
  • Future Jock
  • Future Tutor
  • Your Cheatin' Heart
  • Doggie Day-Care
  • We'll Fix It in Editing
  • Halloween
  • Age Before Beauty
  • Neander-Phil
  • Double Trouble
  • Milkin' It
  • Corner Pocket

Season Two

  • Versa Day
  • Virtu-Date
  • The Giggle
  • Dinner Time
  • Tia, Via, or Me... Uh.
  • Get Ready to Go-Go
  • Phil Without a Future
  • Time Release Capsule
  • Mummy's Boy
  • Maybe-Sitting
  • Good Phil Hunting
  • Pim-cipal
  • Team Diffy
  • Phil of the Garage
  • It's a Wonder-Phil Life
  • Christmas Break
  • Stuck in the Meddle with You
  • Broadcast Blues
  • Happy Nird-Day
  • Ill of the Future
  • Where's the Wizard?
  • Not-So-Great Great Great Grandpa
  • Back to the Future



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