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Phistus is the leader of the Grip of the Dragon Down City Crew, and also leads the Down City Crew Council of Twelve of the series Dragon Booster. He gets irritated with the constant chaos between Down City crews, and longs to resolve this. His green draconium Bull-class dragon, Brutaris, is very much like him, a strong figure with a good heart.


Phistus strongly believes that the Down City crews need to insure peace between each other; however, with Moordryd and Word Paynn interfering, he needs the help of other crews and the Dragon Booster to stop this problem. His temper rises rather quickly if he’s extremely annoyed, and he tries to maintain order in the Council and will use force if necessary.


Phistus wears a green suit and has a tattoo on his right arm and armor bands on his left. He has brown eyes and is at age 18 and 2 months with a height of 6'2". He carries a large hammer built of green draconium and is a great jouster, as are most of his Grip of the Dragon crew members.

  • Nickname(s): Phisty, Phisthead (by the council members)