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Phineas and Ferb are living just one moisture farm over from Luke Skywalker on the planet of Tatooine when R2-D2 and the Death Star plans inadvertently fall into their speeder. With the fate of the galaxy thrust upon their shoulders, they hire pilot Isabella, Han Solo's rival, to help them return the plans to the Rebel Alliance. Complicating matters, low-ranking Stormtrooper Candace is intent on busting the Rebels and chases them across the galaxy in hopes of retrieving the Death Star plans.

Meanwhile, intergalactic chaos erupts on the Death Star when Perry the Rebelpus is trapped in carbonite while trying to stop Darthenshmirtz from using his new "Sith-inator." The saga takes a turn for the worse when Ferb is accidentally caught in the crossfire of the "Sith-inator," changing him into a full-fledged Sith and leading to an epic first-time battle between the brothers.

Episode Summary

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...well, actually, more like a couple of summers ago in a galaxy far, far away...from Danville...

After a couple of false starts, our narrator, voice acting veteran Jim Cummings, tells us of two young moisture farmers on Tatooine with no intention of leaving their home and that the Galactic Empire had finished its construction of the Death Star. He also tells us that the Rebel Alliance sent a platypus to gather the plans of the Death Star. He then assures us that the following episode will not fall under the canon of neither Phineas and Ferb nor Star Wars.


Perry the Rebelpus infiltrates the Empire's corporate office and steals the disc containing the Death Star plans. After being chased by a group of Stormtroopers, he gets away on his ship and goes on a Star Destroyer. He passes the plans to Princess Leia.

Meanwhile, on Tatooine, two young moisture farmers named Phineas and Ferb are having the time of their lives. They stop by their neighbor, Luke Skywalker, to show him the modifications they made to their speeder. Phineas offers to trick out Luke's moisture farm, but Luke says that Uncle Owen prefers to do things the old-fashioned way. After they leave, Luke sees the Star Destroyer through his binoculars.

Back on the Star Destroyers, three low-level Stormtroopers named Candace (operating code TK-90210), Buford and Baljeet are excited about busting some Rebels, but Candace's commanding officer (Simon Pegg) instructs her to get some socks for Darth Vader. Elsewhere, Princess Leia stores the plans for the Death Star into R2-D2, and is about to record a message to Obi-Wan Kenobi when she tells Agent P to back away since she only wants to be in the shot. Buford sees Leia and Candace goes to her commander to bust her, bust her commander still puts her on sock detail. Candace goes back to the others, but Buford tells her that Leia escaped, but that R2-D2 is going into an escape pod. R2's companion, C-3PO, follows him. Two Imperial Officers see this escape pod flying away, but since there are droids on it, they assume there are no life forms on it. So they decide to get some coffee, or Sith Roast. Candace tells Buford and Baljeet to get into another escape pod and follow the droids.

On a ship that is vaguely shaped like Ferb's head, Darthenshmirtz, the lowest of the Darths, is looking at the Death Star with his droid, Norm-3PO. He complains that the Death Star was originally his idea, and that he invented it to be a nutcracker. He is hard at work on a brand new invention, but it runs on the power of the Force.

On Tatooine, C-3PO, annoyed at R2, decides to separate from his companion. On another part, Candace, Buford, and Baljeet get out of the escape pod, but they go the wrong direction. Agent P, who was also in their escape pod, follows the tracks made by R2-D2. Buford asks Candace why she became a Stormtrooper, and Candace sings her answer. A Stormtrooper shows the commander what he believes to be part of a droid, but the commander says it is only a bathtub stopper. Candace approaches her commander and the commander lets slip that the Death Star plans are missing. He instructs her to get some socks from Mos Eisley.

Phineas and Ferb return home for lunch. Their mother, Linda, looks at their list of things to do. Their stepfather, Lawrence, insists that they go to summer camp on Naboo and Linda suggests they go to ski camp on ice planet Hoth, but Phineas passes. He insists he has no ambitions to leave Tatooine. He and Ferb take off after finishing their lunch.

Meanwhile, Perry spies on the Jawas who took R2-D2 onto their giant sandcrawler. He sneaks onto the sandcrawler. The next day, Luke and Uncle Owen buy a couple of droids from the Jawas, but the red R2 unit malfunctions, so he takes C-3PO and R2-D2.

Darthenshmirtz's ship lands in one of the docking bays of the Death Star. Darthenshmirtz heads off to his lair, which is really an abandoned recycling compartment. He sees Vader while on the moving sidewalk and attempts to get his attention, but Vader does not notice him.


Back at the Skywalker farm, while C-3PO takes an oil bath, Agent P leads R2 out. Phineas and Ferb return home after giving a bantha a shower but accidentally bump into R2. They see the message Leia recorded and assume that Obi-Wan Kenobi is actually Ben Kenobi (which he is) and decide to return R2 to him. R2 then says he would rather go out on his own. Suddenly, Agent P falls off a cliff and accidentally ruins a young Tusken Raider's birthday party. It is then shown that the disc containing the Death Star plans was accidentally left in the backseat of Phineas and Ferb's speeder.

The next morning, Agent P rebakes the Tusken Raider's birthday cake. He receives intel from his superior, Major Hologram, that the R2 unit is safely with Kenobi, but Perry knows this is not the case. He is then further instructed about Darthenshmirtz's newest inator and is told to stop him. Phineas and Ferb leave their home for another task, but they then discover the disc in the backseat. Ferb tells his brother that R2-D2 is on his way to Mos Eisley with Luke.


At Mos Eisley, Phineas and Ferb's speeder follows the speeder with Luke, Kenobi and the droids. They visit their Toydarian friend, Blatto, who plays the disc in the head of another R2 unit. They discover that the Death Star is designed to destroy planets, but that it has one weakness, a self-destruct portal. Phineas then determines that if the Rebel Alliance had this disc, a one-man fighter ship could go into that port. Phineas decides to return the disc to R2. In a clothing store, Candace finally buys the socks for Vader, and Buford buys a hoagie. Baljeet then sees Phineas and Ferb with the Death Star plans. Candace goes into busting mode and chases them. Phineas and Ferb try to reach R2, but he left with pilot Han Solo and Chewbacca in the Millenium Falcon. Phineas and Ferb decide to go into the cantina to find a pilot.

In the cantina, Phineas asks the bartender where they can find a pilot, and he points to a young girl named Isabella sitting all by herself at a table in the corner. During this, a Twi'lek female named Vanessa is singing a bluesy song about how "so low" she feels. Phineas introduces himself and his brother to Isabella. Phineas tells her they need to find a ship that escaped from Docking Bay 94. Isabella reveals that ship belongs to Han, whom she has a rivalry with ever since the Falcon cut off her own ship, the Centennial Chihuahua in a race. The trio head off to the Chihuahua, but Candace discovers them and shoots at them. Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella head into the ship and speed away. On the ship, Isabella warps into lightspeed.

Back on Tatooine, Candace finally gives the bag to her commanding officer. However, the commander claims that there is no more room on the ship and directs her over to a bus pod, much to her humiliation.

Back on the Death Star, Darthenshmirtz discovers on the Internet that he can extract the force from Vader's garbage disposal. He is also excited about his time share on Alderaan, but Alderaan gets destroyed by the Death Star.

Phineas and Ferb tinker around with the Chihuahua, but Isabella strictly tells them not to touch the ship. Phineas begins to wonder about his family and mentions making new friends, but Isabella refuses this friendship. They finally catch up to the Falcon, but get caught in the same tractor beam pulling them to the Death Star. Isabella begins to shoot with the ship's lasers, but Phineas and Ferb offer their services again.

Phineas and Ferb make some modifications to the Chihuahua to disguise it as a donut truck. Imperial Officer Jeff disengages the tractor beam. His friend, Imperial Officer Dan, makes a jab at Darth Vader's hat and has some fun with Jeff by pretending to be choked by Vader.


On the bus pod, Buford and Baljeet tell Candace that they gave the commander the wrong bag. The bag they gave him had Buford's hoagie in it.

Phineas, Ferb and Isabella sneak away from the disguised Chihuahua to find R2-D2. Ferb then feels a presence in the Force. This presence turns out to be Perry, who is happy to be reunited with his old friends. Phineas introduces Perry to Isabella and tells her that they disowned him after finding out he was secretly an agent with the Rebel Alliance, but now things have patched up. Perry goes back to his mission.


Norm-3PO pours some trash into Darthenshmirtz's inator. Perry arrives, but becomes trapped in carbonite. Ferb then feels that Perry is in trouble and decides to separate from the trio to help him. After Norm-3PO hangs the frozen platypus on the wall, Darthenshmirtz explains his latest invention, the Sith-Inator. It is an inator that will make him more evil than Darth Vader himself. He decides to test it on Perry, but when Ferb jumps in, the inator accidentally strikes him. Darthenshmirtz and Norm decide to leave Perry and Ferb to get more trash. After they leave, Ferb looks at the inator with his new yellow eyes.

Candace approaches two Imperial Officers talking to Han over a com-link. After one Imperial Officer asks what Han's operating number is, Han blasts the com-link and unlike Han, the other Imperial Officer was actually enjoying the conversation. The first Officer instructs the Stormtroopers to go to level five, Detention Block AA-23. Candace is eager to go, but is instructed to guard the post. Candace decides to entertain herself by making faces under her helmet, but she catches Phineas and Isabella, and the chase resumes.

Darthenshmirtz collects some trash from a dianoga in the garbage chute where Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie are trapped. After getting out, Darthenshmirtz "flushes" the chute, further trapping them. Unbeknownst to them, the carbonite trap melts and Perry begins to fight Darthenshmirtz.

Candace continues to chase Isabella and Phineas but slips on some disposal liquid left from the garbage chute and hangs from a ledge. Phineas decides to save her, much to the annoyance of Isabella. Phineas catches Candace, but she is confused as to why, since she always assumed that the Rebel Alliance were the enemies.

Phineas and Isabella catch up to the Falcon and see R2-D2 leaving with the others. Phineas leaves the disc with Isabella so that he can find Ferb. Phineas sees a room dousing with a red light. The red light is emitting from a rather large device. Phineas discovers it was built by Ferb, who is now wearing a Sith uniform and has Darth Maul-esque face makeup on.

The Chihuahua retreats to planet Yavin and goes to the Rebel base. Two Rebel officers panic that the disc is missing from R2-D2, and decide to blame Jar Jar Binks. (I mean, come on! Who wouldn't want to blame Jar Jar?) Isabella arrives with the disc and the presentation to the Red Wing fighter pilots begins.


On the Death Star, Darthenshmirtz attempts to fight Perry with his lightsaber, but then discovers he mistakenly took a flashlight. Elsewhere, Darth Ferb reveals to his brother that he modified the Sith-inator to create an army of Sith warriors. Darth Ferb offers his brother to join the Dark Side. Phineas then laughs at this, believing Darth Ferb to be putting him on. Darth Ferb proves that he is serious by getting out his lightsaber. Phineas refuses to fight his own brother, so Darth Ferb decides to obliterate him. So Phineas fights his evil stepbrother, but Darth Ferb gets a better advantage since his lightsaber is double sided. But then he reveals even more lightsabers. Phineas decides to hold off the fight so he can modify his own lightsaber.

Buford and Baljeet catch up to Candace, who is still contemplating which is good and which is evil and why Phineas saved her life. The fact that the Empire blew up a planet gives her her answer.

Back on the Rebel Base, Isabella sees Han with Chewie. The Firestar Girls, a ragtag juvenile team of Rebel Fighters, approach Isabella. Their leader, Gretchen, asks her to help them, but Isabella declines. Isabella goes into a bar and is joined by Han and Chewie. They exchange some pleasantries. Han declares he is leaving, since he does not owe anything to anyone. Chewie convinces Han, and also Isabella, that they should help out.


Phineas and Darth Ferb finally finish modifying their lightsabers and the fight continues. Their multi-lightsabers now also have motors to make them spin around. Their fight is interrupted by Perry and Darthenshmirtz crashing down into their area. Darthenshmirtz declares victory, but accidentally steps into the carbonite trap. Perry attempts to help Phineas, but Darth Ferb stops him using the Force, and also destroys Phineas' lightsaber and activates the inator. Suddenly, a laser blast hits Darth Ferb. The blast came from Candace, who came in to help. But Phineas tells her not to shoot Ferb since he is still his brother. Darth Ferb then attacks Candace. Phineas attempts to reach the inator, but Darth Ferb stops him from doing so. Candace decides to attack Darth Ferb by putting some rocks in the socks she got for Vader and throwing them at him. Phineas then throws his broken lightsaber into the inator's self-destruct port, and the inator is destroyed. Phineas, Candace and Perry look for Ferb under the rubble. After he gets out, he is now no longer on the Dark Side and Phineas embraces his brother. Buford walks in wearing the deceased Kenobi's robe and carrying his hoagie, now covered in slime. Candace tells the gang they need to get off the Death Star and leads them to the bus pod station. Perry takes away the trapped Darthenshmirtz.

Phineas discovers Luke in his Red Wing fighter squad fighting off the Death Star. As soon as they reach the station, the last bus pod leaves. Each of the gang admit some of their regrets. Phineas mentions that he was never reunited with his sister, who abandoned him as a baby. Suddenly, Candace recognizes the face of her own brother that she abandoned, and Phineas recognizes his long-lost sister. They embrace each other happily and then Candace asks about Ferb. Phineas is about to tell the story of what happened to Linda's first husband when the Death Star is finally destroyed. Phineas and the gang are all saved by Isabella on the Centennial Chihuahua. Isabella finally accepts the gang's friendship. Isabella mentions the Firestar Girls rescued all of the innocent Imperial Officers who were onboard.

Meanwhile, on his own ship, Agent P gets congratulated by Major Hologram. Hologram mentions in passing that there are still copies of the Death Star plans out there, but they'll deal with it later. In the back of the ship, Darthenshmirtz escapes from his carbonite trap into an escape pod as fast as you can say, "sequel!"

At the medal ceremony, Phineas and the rest throw a party. Vanessa returns to sing, Rebel, Let's Go!. Candace, Buford, and Baljeet are now part of the Rebellion. Isabella asks Phineas if there is a chance they are related, and Phineas says no. Isabella says, "Good!" and gives him a kiss, and Phineas faints in a daze.


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Background Information

  • This episode is a parallel story to the original movie, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977).
  • Phineas and Ferb is the sixth animated TV series to do a full-length Star Wars themed episode, following Tiny Toon Adventures, Pinky and the Brain, Codename: Kids Next Door, Robot Chicken (three times), and Family Guy (also three times).
  • This marks the first time that Phineas and Ferb have a fight against each other.
  • This episode will be the second to premiere on a Saturday night in this Season, the other being "Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror", which aired on October 5, 2013.
  • The Dan and Swampy lookalikes appear as Imperial officers.
  • This is not the first time Simon Pegg played C-3PO. He previously played the character for a CollegeHumor video with his comedy partner Nick Frost as R2-D2.
    • Swampy said it was this video that led him to cast Pegg as 3PO in the first place.[2]
  • At one point, the Centennial Chihuahua takes on the form of the inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head.
  • This is the first episode to be explicitly stated to be non-canon, although it is vague whether it is referring to the canon of the show or the movies.
  • Phineas and Ferb's speeder's horn plays the theme song, specifically the "Building a rocket, or fighting a mummy" part.
  • This marks the first time the subject of Linda's first marriage is brought up, but the Death Star explodes before Phineas can tell the story.
  • Phineas mentions being betrayed and hurt by finding out Perry was an agent. This is very similar to how Danville's Phineas found out in AT2D.
  • The scene where Luke looks at the Star Destroyer through his electro-binoculars is based on a scene deleted from the original film this episode is based on.
  • This episode marks the only time Phineas and Candace's biological father has ever been mentioned.

Production information

  • On October 30, 2012, The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm Limited, LLC for US $4.05 billion in cash and stock.
  • This special was first teased by Dan Povenmire in an interview with in promotion of "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel". He said, "When I saw that news [of Disney purchasing Lucasfilm] break, I drew a picture of Doofenshmirtz as Darth Vader and texted it to the head of Disney TV animation and wrote, 'I smell crossover!'"[3]
  • This episode was announced a few days before the Star Wars Takeover event began on Disney's online game, Club Penguin; oddly, Club Penguin also had Marvel-themed events in June 2012 and April 2013 (see Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel).
  • Press release from[4]
The adventuring stars of Disney's hit animated series Phineas and Ferb are heading to a galaxy far, far away: A special Star Wars-themed episode of the musical-comedy series is currently in production, announced July 19, 2013 by show creators and executive producers Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh at Comic-Con International in San Diego. The one hour event episode will premiere next year on Disney Channel and Disney XD, placing the characters of Phineas and Ferb in the same space and time as the world of Star Wars.
Povenmire said, "May The 'Ferb' Be With You and with all of us who for decades have dreamt of a chance to work with the great characters and stories of Star Wars."
The episode's story begins a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away -- in summer. Phineas and Ferb are living happily on Tatooine, just one moisture farm over from Luke Skywalker. They love simply hanging out and creating new adventures under the twin suns, however, they find themselves thrust into a global rebellion when the plans for blowing up the Death Star accidentally fall into their hands.
Now that fate has suddenly pulled them into the fight for freedom, they must go in search of a pilot who can take them to the Rebels so they can hand over the plans. Complicating matters, Candace -- the boys' sister -- has a Stormtrooper-like intent on "busting rebels" who chase Phineas and Ferb across the galaxy in hopes of retrieving the Death Star plans.
Meanwhile, back on the Death Star, Dr. Darth Enshmirtz [sic], a low level Darth, has created a Force-powered "Sith-inator" that he plans to use against the Rebel Alliance. Agent P, working undercover for the Rebellion, is dispatched to stop him, but quickly gets trapped in carbonite. Then, things take a startling turn when Ferb is accidentally hit by the full blast of Dr. Darth Enschmirtz's [sic] "inator" and evil Sith.
Stay tuned to for more on this Force-filled episode of Phineas and Ferb.[4]
  • Dan and Swampy revealed that neither Mark Hammil, Carrie Fisher nor Harrison Ford will be reprising their roles, but they may get some cameos.[5]
  • On August 31, 2013, Robert Hughes confirmed that there would be at least five songs in the special.
  • On March 3, 2014, Robert Hughes revealed that Vanessa will appear and that the Fireside Girls will appear as the Fire Star Girls.[6]
  • Not counting the movie, this is the longest Phineas and Ferb episode ever, at 51 minutes without commercials.
  • A sneak peek was unveiled during Star Wars Weekends on May 16, 2014 at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
  • The first images were shown in the promo for Disney XD's All Weekend Long XD-Athon.
  • One of the songs was recorded with live horns, something unheard of in animated shows not airing on Fox such as The Simpsons or any Seth MacFarlane-created show.[7]
  • This episode became available on the Watch Disney Channel app and on Disney XD On Demand starting July 19, 2014.[8]
  • The premiere on Disney Channel is exactly two years after the premiere of "Where's Perry?".
  • This episode will air as part of Disney Channel's "Out of This World" programming gimmick.[9]
  • Unlike other episodes, the opening credits are shown at the end, instead of at the beginning. Also, the final song continues into the credits, where the credits scroll instead of being shown individually. The credits also have a unique font for the episode.
  • A majority of the music for this special is John Williams' original score for the film.
    • The music is also made to sound less synthesized to match the original Williams orchestral score. You may notice a lack of the trademark guitar that the score is often known for.
  • In the original press release, it said that Carl would appear as Carl2-D2, but he may have ultimately been cut from the special.

International Premieres

  • August 2014 (Disney Channel Asia)
  • August 3, 2014 (Disney Channel Brazil & Latin America)[10]
  • August 10, 2014 (Disney XD Brazil)[11]


  • In the film, the Imperial Officer on the other end of the com-link said, "We're sending a squad up." Here he says, "We're sending a squad in."


  • From the Star Wars Universe:
    • Episode IV: A New Hope - The entire story takes place within the first film.
      • Costumes:
        • Phineas' costume is based on Luke Skywalker's from this film.
        • Ferb's costume is based on Obi-Wan Kenobi's costume from this film and the rest of the original trilogy.
        • Darthenshmirtz's costume is a modified version of Darth Vader's.
        • Norm-3PO is a parody of C-3PO.
      • The Han shot first controversy is parodied.
      • The battle between Phineas and Ferb was the battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on Cloud City.
      • Millennium Falcon - The name of Isabella's ship, the Centennial Chihuahua, is patterned after the formula of the same ship with a timespan and an animal.
    • Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
      • Darthenshmirtz traps Perry the Rebelpus in carbonite. Also, Boba Fett makes a cameo.
      • Baljeet sings "Socks socks socks socks socks socks socks socks socks" to the Imperial March.
      • Isabella asks Phineas if they are related before kissing him, this is a parody to the fact that Luke and Leia kissed each other without knowing they were brother/sister.
    • Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
      • Vanessa is portrayed as a Twi'lek female, a creature first introduced in this film.
      • Darth Ferb's line of "If you will not join me, then I must destroy" might be based on Emperor Palpatine's line near the end of the movie.
    • Episode I: The Phantom Menace
      • After Ferb becomes a Sith, his face becomes like Darth Maul, and he battles using a double-ended lightsaber like Maul's.
      • Blatto, the son of Watto, the alien junk dealer, also makes a cameo
      • At one point, one of the Rebels wants to blame a mistake on Jar Jar Binks, a reference to the backlash against this character.
    • LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out - Ferb's lightsaber grows multiple blades, just like Darth Maul's in this special.
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead - The way this episode works is based on this 1966 Tom Stoppard play.
  • The Three Musketeers - Darthenshmirtz suggests that he, Perry the Rebelpus and Ferb become the "Three Sith-keteers", a reference to this 17th century French novel by Alexander Dumas.
  • Darthenshmirtz makes a reference to the fourth wall by stating there would be a party in Act IV.
  • Happy Birthday to You - In a rare instance, this copyrighted song can be heard in its original melody when Perry the Rebelpus puts the birthday cake back together.
  • Gangnam Style - At one point during Rebel, Let's Go!, Perry does the "Invisible Horse" dance from the music video for Psy's Gangnam Style.
  • Theme Song - Linda mentions "giving a bantha a shower" on the list of things Phineas and Ferb have to do. There is no doubt that this is a reference to the line "giving a monkey a shower".
  • Beverly Hills - Candace's code is TK-90210, which is the zip code of this California city as well as the name of the famous TV show of the 1990s.
  • The United States Navy - When Candace sings about why she joined the Empire she implies the Naval Slogans "See the world" and "Be all that you can be".
  • Guardians of the GalaxyA figure vaguely resembling Star-Lord can be seen talking to a pair of Jawas.


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Season Two: "The Lake Nose Monster" | "Interview With a Platypus" | "Tip of the Day" | "Attack of the 50 Foot Sister" | "Backyard Aquarium" | "Day of the Living Gelatin" | "Elementary My Dear Stacy" | "Don't Even Blink" | "Chez Platypus" | "Perry Lays an Egg" | "Gaming the System" | "The Chronicles of Meap" | "Thaddeus and Thor" | "De Plane! De Plane!" | "Let's Take a Quiz" | "At the Car Wash" | "Oh, There You Are, Perry" | "Swiss Family Phineas" | "Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown" | "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo" | "Hide and Seek" | "That Sinking Feeling" | "The Baljeatles" | "Vanessassary Roughness" | "No More Bunny Business" | "Spa Day" | "Bubble Boys" | "Isabella and the Temple of Sap" | "Cheer Up Candace" | "Fireside Girl Jamboree" | "The Bully Code" | "Finding Mary McGuffin" | "What Do It Do?" | "Atlantis" | "Picture This" | "Nerdy Dancin'" | "I Was a Middle Aged Robot" | "Suddenly Suzy" | "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!" | "Undercover Carl" | "Hip Hip Parade" | "Just Passing Through" | "Candace's Big Day" | "Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers" | "Ain't No Kiddie Ride" | "Wizard of Odd" | "The Beak" | "Not Phineas and Ferb" | "Phineas and Ferb-Busters!" | "The Lizard Whisperer" | "Robot Rodeo" | "The Secret of Success" | "The Doof Side of the Moon" | "She's the Mayor" | "The Lemonade Stand" | "We Call it Maze" | "Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem!" | "Nerds of a Feather" | "Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation" | "Split Personality" | "Brain Drain" | "Make Play" | "Candace Gets Busted" | "Summer Belongs to You!" | "Rollercoaster: The Musical!"
Season Three: "Run, Candace, Run" | "Last Train to Bustville" | "The Great Indoors" | "Canderemy" | "The Belly of the Beast" | "Moon Farm" | "Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!" | "Ask a Foolish Question" | "Misperceived Monotreme" | "Candace Disconnected" | "Magic Carpet Ride" | "Bad Hair Day" | "Meatloaf Surprise" | "Tri-Stone Area" | "Doof Dynasty" | "Phineas and Ferb Interrupted" | "A Real Boy" | "Mommy Can You Hear Me?" | "Road Trip" | "Skiddley Whiffers" | "Tour de Ferb" | "My Fair Goalie" | "Perry the Actorpus" | "Bullseye!" | "That's the Spirit" | "The Curse of Candace" | "Escape from Phineas Tower" | "The Remains of the Platypus" | "Ferb Latin" | "Lotsa Latkes" | "A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas" | "What a Croc!" | "Ferb TV" | "Mom's in the House" | "Minor Monogram" | "Excaliferb" | "Monster from the Id" | "Gi-Ants" | "Agent Doof" | "Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon" | "Delivery of Destiny" | "Let's Bounce" | "Quietest Day Ever" | "Bully Bromance Break Up" | "Doonkleberry Imperative" | "Buford Confidential" | "Sleepwalk Surprise" | "Sci-Fi Pie Fly" | "Meapless in Seattle" | "The Mom Attractor" | "Cranius Maximus" | "Sipping with the Enemy" | "Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secrets" | "Doofapus" | "Norm Unleashed" | "When Worlds Collide" | "Road to Danville" | "Where's Perry?" | "Blackout!" | "What'd I Miss?" | "This Is Your Backstory"
Season Four: "Fly On the Wall" | "My Sweet Ride" | "For Your Ice Only " | "Happy New Year!" | "Bully Bust" | "Backyard Hodge Podge" | "Der Kinderlumper" | "Just Desserts" | "Bee Day" | "Bee Story" | "Sidetracked" | "Knot My Problem" | "Mind Share" | "Primal Perry" | "La Candace-Cabra" | "Happy Birthday, Isabella" | "Great Balls of Water" | "Where's Pinky?" | "Mission Marvel" | "Thanks But No Thanks" | "Troy Story" | "Love at First Byte" | "One Good Turn" | "Cheers for Fears" | "Just Our Luck" | "Return Policy" | "Imperfect Storm" | "Steampunx" | "It's No Picnic" | "Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror" | "Druselsteinoween" | "Face Your Fear" | "The Klimpaloon Ultimatum" | "Doof 101" | "Father's Day" | "Operation Crumb Cake" | "Mandace" | "Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension" | "The Return of the Rogue Rabbit" | "Live and Let Drive" | "Lost in Danville" | "The Inator Method" | "Act Your Age" | "Phineas and Ferb Save Summer" | "Night of the Living Pharmacists" | "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars" | "Last Day of Summer" | "O.W.C.A. Files"


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Shorts: The Machine in the Ghost | Art Attack | Entanglement | Property of Ezra Bridger
Season One: Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion | Droids in Distress | Fighter Flight | Rise of the Old Masters | Breaking Ranks | Out of Darkness | Empire Day | Gathering Forces | Path of the Jedi | Idiot's Array | Vision of Hope | Call to Action | Rebel Resolve | Fire Across the Galaxy
Season Two: Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal | The Lost Commanders | Relics of the Old Republic | Always Two There Are | Brothers of the Broken Horn | Wings of the Master | Blood Sisters | Stealth Strike | The Future of the Force | Legacy | A Princess on Lothal | The Protector of Concord Dawn | Legends of the Lasat | The Call | Homecoming | The Honorable Ones | Shroud of Darkness | The Forgotten Droid | The Mystery of Chopper Base | Twilight of the Apprentice
Season Three: Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow | The Holocrons of Fate | The Antilles Extraction | Hera's Heroes | The Last Battle | Imperial Super Commandos | Iron Squadron | The Wynkahthu Job | An Inside Man | Visions and Voices | Ghosts of Geonosis | Warhead | Trials of the Darksaber | Legacy of Mandalore | Through Imperial Eyes


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