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The Phil of the Future Theme Song is the theme song of the Disney Channel series Phil of the Future. It was composed by John Adair and Steve Hampton and performed by Loren Ellis and the Drew Davis Band.

Song Lyrics

Meet a boy named Phil and his family
On vacation from the 22nd century
They got a rented time-machine and they're on their way
To a time, way, way, way back in the day

So now he's Phil, Phil of the future
Keeping it together just as best as he can
Phil, Phil of the future
He's a 22nd-century man (22nd-century man)

On a holiday through history
But the final destination was a mystery
But something on the time-machine had blown
So they ended up right here in our time zone

So now he's Phil, Phil of the future
Never knew in history just where he would land
Phil, Phil of the future
He's a 22nd-century man
Phil, Phil of the future
He's a 22nd-century man

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Phil of the FuturePhil of the Future Theme Song
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