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Phil of the Future
Phil of the Future is a Disney Channel Original Series about a boy (Phil Diffy) and his family from the year 2121 who rent a time machine and end up getting stuck in the year 2004. Here they have to adjust to life in the 21st century while keeping secret the fact that they're from the future, until the time machine can be fixed, Phil meets a girl named Keely Teslow who becomes his best friend and the only person who knows that his family is from the future.

It first aired on June 18, 2004, and despite being a high-rating show it was cancelled in the fall of 2006. An episode usually revolves around Phil and Keely, A secondary story-line involving Phil's sister Pim Diffy is also usual. There is one Phil of the Future DVD called Gadgets and Gizmos on it are four episodes of the first season, a Special Christmas episode was also on the Disney Channel Holiday DVD. There is also a Phil of the Future game published by Buena Vista Games, and a Junior Novel series.


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