Petulia is a character of the Universe of the mice born from the imagination of Romano Scarpa and Giorgio Pezzin.


Petulia is the wife of the Chief O'Hara. She makes her first appearance in 1996 in the comic story sideburns and diet hunger, published on Mickey Mouse in 2109 and the number 18 of The Mythical Disney.

Trudy in history, Petula and the challenge to the crime, published on Mickey n.2395, become a friend of Pete's wife, as the job of the two companions often makes them participate in the places of the incident.

Petulia also appeared in many Gulp, always next to her husband, among which: Topomiti, lessons sideburns, Two, A Commissioner in the family, and finally Easter Surprises not easy being Mickey in which only appeared once. Petulia is a housewife and is an excellent cook, mother and wife.


Petulia has the appearance of an anthropomorphic dog, very well dressed and elegant; Semra has a handbag walking and often wears dresses with floral motifs. It is of stocky build as her husband.


Below are the most significant stories in which the character has appeared in Petulia:

  • Sideburns and diet hunger (1996)
  • Sideburns and the truth of Petulia (1998)
  • Sideburns and the mystery of Petulia (1998)
  • Trudy, Petula and the challenge to the crime (2001)
  • Series The daily life of the Commissioner sideburns (2005)
  • Mickey and the threat spectrum (2007)


  • Topomiti
  • The lessons of sideburns
  • In two
  • A Commissioner in the family
  • Easter Surprises
  • It is not easy to be Mickey Mouse