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Peter Moosebridge is a co-news anchor for the ZNN in the 2016 Disney computer-animated feature film Zootopia.

In most releases (including the North American one), he appears as the default male news anchor character. However, certain countries have released different animals exclusively.

Role in the film

Peter Moosebridge, along with his snow leopard co-anchor, only makes two brief appearances in the film. First, the two are seen reporting the bad news in Zootopia—labeling it as a "city gripped by fear"—where a caribou was critically injured from a mauling by a savage polar bear, and a protest against a peace rally organized by Gazelle.

He and his co-anchor appear one final time when they report Bellwether's arrest for conspiring the predatory attacks on Zootopia, Lionheart's denial of his knowledge of Bellwether's plot and claim of his actions of the illegal imprisonment of the savage animals to be "done for the right reasons", and an antidote to Night howlers proving effective in rehabilitating the infected predators.

International portrayals

In certain releases, Moosebridge is replaced by different newscasters.


In the Brazilian version, a jaguar named Onçardo Boi Chá,[1] voiced by Brazilian journalist Ricardo Boechat who anchors Jornal da Band on Rede Bandeirantes, replaces Moosebridge.

Zootopia Michael Tanukiyama

Michael Tanuyama[2] (マイケル・狸山) replaces Moosebridge in the Japanese version. Additionally, he has a green leaf on his hat. He is voiced by Japanese comedian and choreographer Kazumasa Kōra who goes under the stage name Imoaraizakakakarichō.[3]


David Koalabell replaces Moosebridge in the Australian and New Zealand versions of the film. Like Moosebridge, his name is a reference to his actor, Australian entertainer David Campbell.


In the mainland Mandarin Chinese version of the film, instead of a moose the newscaster is replaced with a panda.


  • Peter Moosebridge is a reference to the Canadian news anchor, Peter Mansbridge, who voices him. Specifically, he was designed to be a Canadian moose to reference Mansbridge's nationality.
  • In the version screened in the UK and Ireland, BBC sport reporter Vassos Alexander voiced the character; the moose was renamed Moosos Alexander accordingly. However this version did not end up in the UK home release of the film, though "Zootopia" is still replaced with "Zootropolis".



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