"Pepper Ann" is a song from the series by the same name about the show's titular heroine, Pepper Ann Pearson. The song is very existential, and contemplates questions such as whether everyone sees the same colors. The song was featured as Track 9 of the album The Music of Disney's One Saturday Morning.


Is it true?
Do you see the same colors I do?
How I wonder
What makes the weather
Too cold to wear shorts
And too hot for a sweater
I wish I knew...

Pepper Ann
What's on your mind?
Have you told yourself lately you're one of a kind?

Pepper A-annnnnnnn
Growing older, what does it mean?
Can you walk through the mystery of life's in-between?
Is it all a dream?

Pepper Annnnnnnn
Pepper Annnnnnnn
Pepper A-a-a--a-annnnn.