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The People & Places series is a collection of short subject documentary films produced by Walt Disney Productions roughly between the years 1953 and 1960. The series (except The Alaskan Eskimo) was filmed in CinemaScope and filming location were countries around the world the Disney staff visited.

Films in the series

# Film name Date Director
1 The Alaskan Eskimo February 18, 1953
2 Siam December 24, 1954 Ralph Wright
3 Switzerland June 16, 1955 Ben Sharpsteen
4 Men Against the Arctic December 21, 1955 Winston Hibler
5 Sardinia November 15, 1956
6 Disneyland, U.S.A. December 20, 1956 Hamilton Luske
7 Samoa December 25, 1956
8 The Blue Man of Morocco February 14, 1957
9 Lapland February 14, 1957
10 Portugal December 25, 1957
11 Wales June 10, 1958
12 Scotland June 11, 1958
13 Ama Girls July 9, 1958 Ben Sharpsteen
14 Seven Cities of Antarctica December 25, 1958 Winston Hibler
15 Cruise of the Eagle March 19, 1959
16 Japan April 6, 1960
17 The Danube April 27, 1960

DVD release

There are currently no plans to release People & Places on DVD or Blu-ray. However "Disneyland U.S.A." was released as part of the limited edition Disney Treasures DVD entitled "Walt Disney Treasures: Disneyland Secrets, Stories & Magic".

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