Penelope is one of the main characters and an antagonist of the tween hit sitcom Sonny with a Chance. She is portrayed by Marta Balatico.

Beautiful and treacherous, the Dalilah to Mackenzie's Samson, nothing or no one can stop Penelope from getting what she want. Her family provides the bottles that Mackenzie's water comes in. And like those bottles... she's out to contain as much of Mackenzie as possible.


  • Chad - The guy that Penelope is obsessed with the fact that their family's business support each other, Penelope thinks Chad belongs to her
  • Chloe - Penelope's nemesis for MacKenzie's love interest. Penelope thinks that Chloe belong in their town, simply because Chloe's family is poor compared to the rest of the residents


  • She is one of the main antagonists in the MacKenzie Falls series.


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