Pedrão (Portuguese for: "Big Peter") is a friend of José Carioca in the Brazilian comics. Pedrão first appeared in 1973.


Pedrão is an obese, tall anthropomorphic Afro-Brazilian dog, with dark complexion and black hair. His body and head shape resemble the Beagle Boys, including his dog nose and ears.

Pedrão is usually a nice friend to José Carioca and Nestor, except he is very protective of his possessions. He has at least one jackfruit tree, whose fruits are constantly stolen by José Carioca and Nestor, which infuriates Pedrão.

Pedrão loves his bike Marieta (a hypocorism for Mary, roughly translated as "Little Mary"), and usually hates to let other people use it. Sometimes José Carioca convinces Pedrão to let him use his bike, or José just takes the bike without permission expecting Pedrão not to notice, but usually or always José Carioca accidentally destroys Marieta before returning it.

Pedrão is known for his ability to prepare a very delicious feijoada (a Brazilian traditional meal), which his friends are more than happy to eat.


  • In the story "The Jackfruit Tycoon" (see B 860073 on I.N.D.U.C.K.S.), Pedrão's full name is Pedrão Feijoada.