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The Peddler


Background information
Feature films Aladdin
Aladdin and the King of Thieves
Short films
Television programs
Video games Aladdin (Genesis version only)
Kingdom Hearts series
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Hidden Worlds
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Duncan Marjoribanks
Edward R. Gutierrez
Voice Robin Williams (speaking voice)
Bruce Adler (singing voice)
Corey Burton (Kingdom Hearts II)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names The Narrator
Personality Wacky, cheap
Appearance Short, slender, tan skin, black eyes, goatee, light blue clothing, white turban, brown sandals
Occupation Peddler
Alignment Neutral
Goal To make a decent sale
Home Agrabah
Pets Shadigna
Allies The audience, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Magic Carpet, Genie, Abu, Iago, The Sultan, Sora, Mickey and Friends, Jiminy Cricket, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
Minions Shadigna
Enemies Jafar, Gazeem Achmed, Iago (formerly), Sa'Luk, Sadira (formerly), Abis Mal, Pete, Mizrabel, Heartless.
Likes Telling stories
Dislikes Losing customers
Powers and abilities
Fate Celebrates Aladdin and Jasmine's marriage
Quote "Ahh, Salaam and good evening to you worthy friends. Please, please come closer! Too close. A little too close. There."
"Perhaps you would like to hear the tale? It begins on a dark night.... where a dark man waits... with a dark purpose."

The Peddler is a minor character from Aladdin and its second sequel. He is voiced by Robin Williams, who was also the original voice of the Genie.




The Peddler is a very small man with tanned skin, a thin, black goatee, and a rectangular mustache with a triangular gap at his philtum. His clothing is quite simple, consisting of a sky blue robe that reaches the floor, a faded red sash tied around his waist, and brown sandals. The most noticeable aspect of the Peddler's outfit is his ridiculously large, white turban, which is twice as big around as his own head.



The Peddler appears at the very beginning of the film singing the theme Arabian Nights on Shadigna. The Peddler attempts to show the audience some of his fine merchandise but are not interested until he unveils the Genie's lamp. He then begins to tell the story of how the lamp "changed the course of a young man's life".

The Return of Jafar

The Peddler appears vocally once again singing a modified version of Arabian Nights, but does not make a physical appearance.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves


The Peddler in Aladdin and the King of Thieves.

The Peddler appears at the end of the film singing a reprise of Arabian Nights (notably originally intended for the ending of the original film) and waving goodbye to Aladdin and Princess Jasmine as they celebrate their marriage.

Disney Parks

The Peddler made appearances in the Disney Parks in the early 1990s but was removed from the face character roster. He makes a notable appearance in the Full House episode The House Meets the Mouse.

Video games


The Peddler makes several appearances throughout Virgin Interactive's Aladdin video game. He gives the player, as Aladdin, extra lives (up to 9) and "wishes", were are actually just continues.

Kingdom Hearts series

The Peddler KHII

The Peddler's role in the Kingdom Hearts series is greatly expanded, and plays an important part in the storyline in Agrabah in Kingdom Hearts II. He is first seen chasing Abu, who had stolen a lamp from him, not knowing it was actually Jafar's. To prevent the risk of the evil genie's freedom, Sora and friends try to purchase the lamp, but the Peddler will only give it to them in exchange for treasure. The gang returns to his shop later to present him with a golden statue, only to find the Peddler gone. Outside of this, Pete chases the Peddler (still holding Jafar's lamp) for the lamp, until Iago arrives and scoops up the lamp. After defeating the Heartless sent by Pete, the Peddler sells them the lamp, which is then sealed away deep inside the palace. However, when the Peddler tries to steal treasure later on, he accidentally releases Jafar.

The Peddler also makes minor appearances in Kingdom Hearts coded and Kingdom Hearts running a shop like he did in the film.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

The Peddlerepic-mickey-3ds

The Peddler in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion.

In Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Mickey finds the Peddler at one point and directs him to the Fortress, after which Mickey can help him set up his shop. From there on, Mickey can buy items and upgrades from the Peddler's shop.


  • In a deleted concept, the Peddler was going to reveal himself to be Genie's human form, but this idea was rejected because the producers recognized that there was more sequel potential involved in leaving the Genie fully powered. In fact, the Peddler even appears as a separate character from Genie in the video games. However, there's still a nod to the original concept within the films; both characters are voiced by Robin Williams (save for the Peddler's singing voice), the Peddler's Robes look just like Genie's body and have similar personalities.
  • At the beginning on the movie, the peddler says salaam to the viewer. This word is ِArabic for "Hi!" or "Hello!", and it also can be used for "Goodbye!".
  • The Peddler was inspired from the "Our Friend the Atom" episode from the Disneyland anthology series.
  • The Peddler doesn't appear in the Broadway musical, being replaced by the Genie in the role of the storyteller.
  • While watching the first film, there is a chance that the peddler simply fabricated the tale of Aladdin to sell the lamp as he was lying about his other "Merchandise". But Aladdin and Jasmine physically appeared near the Peddler at the end of Aladdin and the King of Thieves. This would mean not only Aladdin and Jasmine really exist, but also that the Peddler tells the story of Aladdin immediately after it has taken place.
  • The whole opening scene with the peddler in the original movie was entirely improvised by Robin Williams.


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