Peabo[3] (voiced by Cree Summer) is a recurring character of The Proud Family.


He is a 9 year old (formerly 7 prior to the movie) who unwittingly always makes trouble for Oscar Proud, he also used to have a crush on Penny and Zoey. Despite his age, he is very smart. He is also constantly telling Oscar he doesn't think he should do something but despite his warnings, Oscar does it, anyway, and gets hurt. Usually ending with: "I told you, Mr. Proud". He is also the only person who likes Proud Snacks. He often gets Oscar into trouble. He got him electrocuted, caught by Trudy when he was about to have an affair with two pretty girls, and attacked by a giant bird. His catchphrase is "Remember what happened last time", after reminding Oscar of a last time Oscar has done something that had gotten him hurt.

He seems to hang around the Prouds a lot, and also attends church with them.

Episode Appearances

Season Two

  • Poetic Justice
  • The Camp, The Counselor, The Mole, and the Rock

•Dirt Man Revolutionary War

Season Three

  • Monkey Business

•Peabo's Bodexilent Voyage


  • Peabo's voice actress, Cree Summer, also did the voices of Susie Carmichael from Nickelodeon's Rugrats and Numbah 5/Abigail Lincoln from Cartoon Network's Codename: Kids Next Door.