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Paul is Nora's lover in Pete's Dragon.

Role in the film

A year earlier, he went out to sea but his ship sank in a storm off Cape Haterras. Everyone in Passamaquoddy thought the entire crew didn't survive, but he turned out to be the only one who did, unfortunately, with memory loss. Luckily, one day, while he was laying in his bed in the hospital, an invisible Elliott (who had been tasked by Pete to find him) tipped it over, causing him to fall and hit his head, thus, getting his memory back. He went back to Passamaquoddy and reunited with Nora. At the end of the film, he sees Elliott and exclaims, "There really is a dragon!" and waves goodbye to him along with Pete, Nora, and Lampie. Presumably, he marries Nora and becomes Pete's adoptive father.

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