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Patti Mayonnaise
Background information
Feature films Doug's 1st Movie
Short films
Television programs Disney's Doug
Video games Doug's Big Game (UPC)
Park attractions Doug Live
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Constance Shulman[1][2]
Performance model
Inspiration Based on two girls that the creator had crushes on as a child.
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Patricia Mayonnaise
Other names Supersport (Quailman fantasies only)
Personality Sweet, kind, friendly, athletic, smart, cute
Appearance Slender, tan skin, short blond hair, small eyes, blue shirt with pink polka-dots on it, dark blue pants (skirt in Nickelodeon series), pink loafers (sneakers in Nickelodeon series)
Occupation Student
Alignment Good
Home Apartment buliding in Bluffington
Relatives Chad Mayonnaise, Mrs. Mayonnaise (deceased), Emily Kristal Mayonnaise (step-mom), Art (brother (older))
Pets Hamlet (Guinea Pig)
Allies Doug Funnie, Skeeter Valentine, Beebe Bluff, Connie Benge, Chalky Studebaker, Willy White, Ned Capuhee, Boomer Bledsoe, Roger Klotz (at times)
Enemies Roger Klotz (at times)
Likes Hanging out with her friends, playing softball, Doug
Dislikes Roger asking her to help him with his homework
Powers and abilities
Fate Becomes Doug's girlfriend and graduates from seventh grade.

Patti Mayonnaise[3] is one of the main characters and the target of Doug's affections in the Nickelodeon-turned-Disney TV series, Doug. She was voiced by Constance Shulman.


Patti is one of the friendliest girls in school, and gets along with almost everyone. She met Doug when he first moved to Bluffington, and he instantly fell in love with her. She is a very well-preforming student, in both academics and athletics. She also formed her own softball team, "Patti's Pulverizers", after being rejected from the school team. Although, she can be mean depending on the episode. 

Earlier in the series, while Doug had a huge crush on her, her feelings were only hinted at, though this was also in turn that the series was from Doug's point of view. The first time her affections were explicitly shown was in "Doug to the Rescue" from the first season of the Nickelodeon series. She also mentions in "Doug's Magic Act", from the third season of the Nick series, that Doug is her favorite person to be with. In the Disney series, Guy Graham, an eight grader, showed affection for her, though she never appeared to be completely interested, only seeing him as a friend. In Doug's 1st Movie, her anger about how Doug wouldn't tell her about the Lucky Duck Lake monster caused her to end up going with Guy to the Valentine's Dance. However, after finding out that Guy was planning on exposing the monster to be destroyed, she ended her relationship with him and began to dance with Doug for the remainder of the movie. In the final episode of the Disney series, she asks Doug out on a "date-date", thus causing the two to become an official couple.

At home, she lives with her dad. Her mom died in a car accident, which her dad was also in, but despite surviving, became wheelchair-bound as a result. It's unknown whether Patti was present during the accident.

Theme park appearances

Patti was one of the characters of the stage show, Doug Live! which ran in Disney's Hollywood Studios from 1999 to 2001.

Patti also appeared as a walkaround character in Disney's Hollywood Studios in 1999. She was retired in mid-2001, though she may make an appearance on rare occasions, such as when another cast member is delayed.


  • Guy Graham also had feelings for her, and as a result, became Doug's rival.
  • She speaks with a vague Texan accent.
  • She was based on two girls that the creator, Jim Jimkins, had a crush on in his childhood. One was named Patti, and the other was named Mayo.
  • Originally, in the Nickelodeon series, Patti had longer hair and lighter skin.

She retains her design from the original series in "Doug's Last Birthday" before switching to her current design at the end.

  • Her haircut was one of the many things criticized by fans of show.
  • She and Doug are the only One Saturday Morning characters to appear in a Disney theme park and the only non-Disney characters to do so.
  • In one episode, it is revealed that Patti likes her burgers rare. The FDA strongly recommends cooking meat to at least medium to avoid foodborne illness. So, Patti would be extremely ill if she ate rare burgers. 




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