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Patch, drop the needle!

Patch is a supporting character in Planes: Fire & Rescue.


Official Description

Patch is not only in charge of the smoke reports that come in from the emergency communication center, she is also Piston Peak Air Attack's meteorologist and DJ. Her collection of vinyl records is famous among collectors. She and Maru are the only members of the air attack crew who don't go out to fight the fires, so that leaves her time to perfect her playlist and keep the glass windows on her lookout tower spotless.[1]


Patch is kind, as she gives reports to the firefighters of Piston Peak National Park about wildfires. She is also shown to get annoyed whenever Cad Spinner enters the Air Attack team's base, as she would inform the team to be advised.

Physical appearance

Patch is a red forklift, having a blue stripe on her sides that makes one zigzag and has white borders. She has green eyes, along with a black cap, and a black roof behind the cab part.


Planes: Fire & Rescue

Patch first appears cleaning the windows on her lookout tower when Dusty Crophopper arrives at the Piston Peak Air Attack team's base. Soon afterwards, she tells the firefighters about a wildfire in the park caused by an unattended campfire. She then turns on her record player to play AC/DC's "Thunderstruck", which is heard while the Air Attack team fights the fire.

She continues informing the firefighters each time there is a fire throughout the film, as well as telling them that Cad Spinner had entered the base. When one wildfire blocks the park's main exit, Patch informs the firefighters about what had happened, along with later adding that there is no visibility to collect water from the park's lake, after the water pressure runs out due to Cad selfishly switching it to his lodge's roof sprinklers.

The next day, after the fire had gone out, Patch watches as Maru fixes Dusty following a crash in the forest. Dusty then comes conscious five days later, which the team is happy about. Patch then tells them that Ol' Jammer has entered the base along with Pulaski, Rake and André. She refers to Jammer as the park's superintendent, as he was given the job by the Secretary of the Interior after learning about Cad's personality.



  • Her die-cast has a thin black stripe between blue lines rather than the blue stripe with white borders.


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