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Pat Sharp (born 25 October 1961) is a classic English voiceover actor who narrated UK Disney VHS Previews and Promos.


  1. Kentucky Fried Chicken Oliver and Company Flashing Headband UK TV Preview (1989)
  2. Peter and the Wolf VHS Preview (1993)
  3. Walt Disney's Adventure Classics VHS Promo (1993)
  4. The Three Caballeros VHS Preview (1993)
  5. The Little Mermaid TV Series VHS Promo (1993-1994)
  6. Beauty and the Beast VHS Preview (1993)
  7. The Jungle Book VHS Preview (1993)
  8. The Muppet Christmas Carol VHS Preview (1993)
  9. Peter Pan VHS UK TV Preview (1993)