As perhaps the most famous and iconic of Disney's animated classics, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has been the subject of many parodies.



The Witch, portrayed by Susan Sarandon, with a poisoned apple, in Enchanted

Disney's 2007 film, Enchanted, parodies the Disney fairytale established in Snow White by placing it within the context of the real world; evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) sends Princess Giselle (Amy Adams) from the enchanted land of fairy tales to New York City in the real world. As Giselle wanders through the streets, she mistakenly calls a short, irritable man Grumpy and summons cockroaches, rats and pigeons to help her clean an apartment in a parody of "Whistle While You Work". The stately, sinister Queen Narissa transforms into a hag in order to deceive Giselle, parodying the Queen and her alter-ego, the Witch.

Outside the Disney Canon

Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs

Released on January 16, 1943, Warner Brothers' Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs parodies Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, telling the story in an all-black environment, completely in rhyme, and making reference to jazz, sex and World War II. The cartoon was directed by Bob Clampett and written by Warren Foster. It is infamous for its depiction of racial stereotypes.

The cartoon begins with a child asking her 'mammy' to tell her a story. 'Mammy' begins her story with the Wicked Queen (Ruby Dandridge), a thug-like woman who reclines on her throne munching chocolates. The Queen approaches her Magic Mirror, requesting a prince, 'about six feet tall'. A car immediately arrives by the castle, and Prince Chawmin' (Zoot Watson) emerges. He thinks the Queen 'is a fright', but that 'her gal So White is dyn-o-mite!' So White (Vivian Dandridge) is washing clothes and, in a shot directly parodying Disney's, meets Prince Chawmin' by seeing his reflection. The two jitterbug together as the Queen watches angrily from above. She rushes to a telephone and orders Murder Inc. to 'blackout So White'.

So white is quickly kidnapped by Murder Inc., but escapes by bribing the hired killers with her charms. She wanders through the dark woods, soon encountering the seven dwarfs (complete with a small 'Dopey' dwarf), who are in the army and take her in. Meanwhile, the Queen (in a sequence which may parody Disney's use of shadows) injects poison into a candied apple, dons a disguise and visits the army camp, giving So White the apple. The dwarfs manage to dispose of the Queen by firing a shell containing Dopey, who hits her on the head with a mallet. Prince Chawmin' arrives to give So White his special 'Rosebud' kiss, which does not revive So White and leaves Chawmin' drained and exhausted. Dopey, however, manages to wake So White with his kiss. The worn-out Chawmin' asks 'Dopey' what his secret was, to which the dwarf replies, 'that is a military secret!'

Though Coal Black is one of the Censored Eleven (cartoons banned from circulation due to their depiction of racial stereotypes), it is considered one of the greatest cartoons ever made. Animation historians Jerry Beck and Will Friedwald consider it 'a Bob Clampett masterpiece, and certainly one of the greatest Warner Bros. cartoons ever made'[1] and animator John Kricfalusi called it 'the greatest cartoon ever made'.[2] Most animation historians consider Coal Black to be Clampett's greatest masterpiece, combining all the necessary elements of a great cartoon.[3]

1989 Academy Awards

The most imfamous case of a parody of Snow White came during the opening of the 1989 Academy Awards when Rob Lowe did "Proud Mary" with Eileen Bowman, an actress portraying Snow White. The Walt Disney Company was angered by what had happened with producer Allan Carr's disastrous number, including the fact that Bowman played a raunchy version of Snow White in a Las Vegas casino production of "Bleach Blanket Babylon", which bombed with television critics becoming one of the worst television and award show moments in history, and had sued the The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, which awards the Oscars, for copyright infringement and defamation of the Snow White character. Disney later accepted an apology and a settlement that the footage never be aired or seen again in exchange for dropping the lawsuit, and Carr, who died in 1999 from liver cancer, never worked another Hollywood production again. A short clip of Lowe and Bowman's "performance" was shown in a 2007 A&E Biography episode about Lowe and fellow members of the Brat Pack.

Garfield and Friends

In a two part U.S. Acres (Orson Farm) episode, "Snow Wade and the 77 Dwarves", the niece of Roy Rooster, Cloe, wants to read the story of Snow White, and Orson Pig and his friends act out the story of Snow White using their imaginations, due to Booker Chick and Sheldon (an egg with chicken feet, due to not fully hatching) complaining about the story being for girls. Wade Duck is Snow White, Lanolin Sheep is the Evil Queen (and the old hag, it is just Lanolin wearing a purple hood, carrying a box with poison apples, and a slightly different version of her queen cape), her brother, Bo is the magic mirror (However, in the second part, he is a servant with no memory that he is the magic mirror. In this episode, Lanolin and the "magic mirror" version of Bo are fakes. For Lanolin, this is because she disappears at the end of the episode.), Orson, Cloe, Booker, and Sheldon are the servants of the queen, and Roy is the prince (Because he asked Orson if he could be the prince before they saw Queen Lanolin). A lot of differences occur in this parody. For instance, there are 77 dwarves (due to a housing shortage), the story does not happen over multiple days, Lanolin doesn't mask the apples as "magic wishing apples", openly saying that they are poison (However, in the Spanish version, Lanolin just calls it an apple.), and the dwarves are present when Wade eats the poison apple.


The Shrek series of films feature a number of references to Snow White. The Seven Dwarfs are among the fairy tale creatures banished to the swamp. The Magic Mirror plays a significant role in the first film, telling villain Lord Farquaad that he must marry a princess to become a proper king (Snow White is one of three 'bachelorettes' presented to Lord Farquaad as an eligible princess). Snow also plays a role in the 3rd film.


MAD is a Cartoon Network animated sketch comedy series created by Kevin Shinick and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. Based on Mad magazine, each episode is a collection of short animated parodies of TV shows, movies, celebrities and other media/pop culture using various types of animation. The series has parodied Snow White three times. In "Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney", Snott Pilgrim must battle the seven dwarfs in order to date Snow White. In "The Buzz Identity", everybody's heads turn into film characters' heads, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were one of the heads. In "Betty White & the Huntsman", Betty White is chosen as the fairest of them all, forcing her to stop the Evil Queen from devouring her heart, only to run into the Evil Queen from Mirror, Mirror. In irritation, White states that two Snow White films in the same year is ridiculous, and states the 1937 Disney film to be the superior adaption.

Sesame Street

A 1971 Sesame Street skit featured Snow White mistakenly visiting the home of the six dwarves. She had to count the dwarves a number of times before she was convinced that she had the wrong house. In another segment, Kermit the Frog meets a different set of Seven Dwarves in another breaking Sesame Street News Flash report. However, in this version, each dwarf is named after (and represents) a different emotion: Cheerful, Sad, Lovey, Angry, Proud, Surprised and Fearful. The Seven Dwarves appear in Episode 4114 alongside Snow White, as played by Amy Sedaris. They're quite happy to be together, energetically singing "We Are the Seven Dwarves" and counting themselves. However, one at a time, the dwarves must take leave to pursue other ventures, leaving Snow White alone. Elmo comes up with the idea of replacing the dwarves with Alan and some kids.

Hammy, a somewhat arrogant dwarf who hams it up whenever he can, leaves the dwarves to pursue the enlightening career of "Breadcrumb #3" in "Hansel and Gretel." Sensitive-Nose, a large-nosed dwarf, leaves due to the rather pungent smell of Smelly, an odiferous dwarf, who leaves due to the cheese in his shoes. Itchy, a dwarf that is constantly scratching himself, leaves the group to find his backscratcher. Gassy, a bloated, burping dwarf, runs off to find some antacids. Vertigo, a dizzy dwarf, feels that the world is spinning around him and leaves to go lie down for a while. Finally, Clumsy, a purple-haired, big-eyed dwarf who always falls down, leaves to apply a cold compress to his aching body.

Sydney White

A 2007 teen comedy that puts the fairy tale in the context of real life. Tomboyish Sydney White (Amanda Bynes) lives with her plumber father, and never really knew her mother, as she died when Sydney was young.

Sydney attends SAU and pledges her mother's sorority, Kappa Phi Nu, led by evil sorority president Rachel Witchburn (Sara Paxton). Rachel, who is jealous of Sydney's looks and chemistry with Rachel's on-and-off boyfriend Tyler Prince (Matt Long), refuses Sydney's acceptance into the sorority. Sydney then goes to live in a run-down house on campus called "The Vortex" with seven 'dorks' whose quirky personalites haven't won them many friends.

Sydney fits right in with the guys, as she shares several interest with them, including comic books, and video games. When Sydney learns that most of the campus funding is given to Greek related activities and housing, (because Rachel is also student-body-president), she suggests they make a stand and convinces one of her dorks, Terrance, to run against Rachel in the upcoming student election.

When Rachel learns that Terrance has already graduated, she tells Sydney this and that he is disqualified. Sydney then decides to run against Rachel herself. Rachel, still determined to win, decides to sabotage Sydney's chances at winning. The night before the campaign, Rachel visits a hacker on campus who hacks into Sydney's computer (an Apple laptop) and erases her hard drive. After they poison the Apple, Sydney is forced to pull an all-nighter to finish a paper for class; exhausted the next morning, she falls asleep at her desk in the library. Tyler comes in and wakes her up with a kiss. She then campaigns against Rachel, and wins the election. The Kappa members "dethrone" Rachel as sorority president, due to her un-Kappa like actions.


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