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Parmon Sean is the computer geek of the Penn Stables racing crew. He can configure gear, make computers, and has created vidd games, which the whole crew likes to use. He also has advanced knowledge of just about everything, including draconium, computers, history, racing, physics, and the other crews. Then again, his mother is a professor.

He's tall, seventeen, has darker skin, and magenta hair. He makes things, and usually Artha Penn has to use them, for better or worse. They usually don't work, and either shut down at a critical time, or malfunction badly. Parmon is the oldest member of the crew, and definitely not the bravest, although, as seen in episode 36 'Professor Stubborn', he may not be the scardey cat we all think him to be. He likes to plan ahead, and would like everyone to follow his plan, but much of the time, he neglects a detail and Kitt Wonn or Artha's impulsive plans often work better, unless they run out of ideas, and then his help is readily available.

His dragon is a green dragon named Cyrano. He's very known for being slow but strong, and speed is often their last resort, but when they do, they use high level red thruster gear and speed beyond Artha and friends.

His name has been derived off of the cheese Parmesan, hence Parmon Sean. He was teased about this during the episode 'The Lost Track of Doom', though his friends usually call him Parm.