Paperino Paperotto (or simplified PP8) is a comic book series starring the life and childhood of Donald Duck and his friends in stories. The comics was originally in Italy published by Disney Italia. Created by Bruno Enna, Diego Fasano and Paola Mulazzi, Young Donald, lives in Quacktown, a country village on the outskirts of Duckburg located where there is the farm of Grandma Duck with the little goat Billy. This representation of childhood Donald is easily compatible with versions of other authors, in accordance with the genealogy of Don Rosa.

Early development

The stories appear initially in Topolino comic books (Mickey stories). Since its first appearance is the "Paperino Paperotto e il giorno più duro", designed by Alessandro Barbucci and published in Topolino No.2250 of January 12, 1999. Given the success of the short stories of the little Donald Duck in Topolino comics, it was decided to launch a series of comic books dedicated to him, the PP8 - Paperino Paperotto, published from May 2005 to June 2006.


  • Donald the same characteristics of older Donald but less angry. It has a cheerful, carefree, funny and child characteristics, which can not be compared with any other Disney character. His adventures are focused on the absurd fantasies that the protagonist is built thanks to unlimited imagination. Country Life is a game that constantly changes from the schoolyard to the countryside to explore, without being aware of the surrounding reality.


  • Louis Cromb a duckling very thoughtful and introverted, who loves science and science fiction magazines. He's the best childhood friend of Donald Duck.
  • Betty Lou a girl very pampered and sophisticated duck, which is initially caused by Tom and Donald, but in the end, is accepted by the group. It is never atletica and is full of frills.
  • Millicent He loves money and his idol is Scrooge 'Scrooge, with its rationality can sometimes contain the exuberance of Donald Duck.