The Paper Pelican is an airplane that Phineas and Ferb built after watching a documentary about Howard Hughes and his plane, the Spruce Goose. ("De Plane! De Plane!")


Unlike the Spruce Goose (its inspiration), which was made out of wood, the Paper Pelican was made out of paper mache, with help from Isabella, the Fireside Girls, Baljeet and Buford. The Paper Pelican's wingspan was 320 feet (97.54 meters), 1 inch (0.03 meters) larger than the Spruce Goose's wingspan, 319' 11" (97.51 meters). ("De Plane! De Plane!")

Paper Pelican Airlines

Both the Paper Pelican and the Spruce Goose flew for a single flight. While the latter's flight was part of a test run, the Paper Pelican's flight was complete with airline service and crew.

Flight crew

Termination of service

The airline service ended with a water landing that caused the plane to dissolve, owing to its Papier-mâché construction. The chairs remained intact, allowing all passengers to drift to the shore and disembark.


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