Enrique Rivera, also known as Papá is a character from the 2017 Disney/Pixar's movie, Coco. He is a supportive father who hopes that someday, Miguel will join him in the family shoemaking business.


Official description

Miguel's supportive father who hopes that someday, Miguel will join him the family shoemaking business.[1]

Role in the Film

Enrique first appears in the Rivera Shoe Shop making shoes to sell in the store. His mother and brother comes in with Miguel. Elena tells Enrique Miguel was in Mariachi Plaza, to his disapproval. Miguel explains that he was just shining shoes but Enrique tells him "If Abuelita says no more Plaza then no more plaza!" Later, he, his mother, and wife tell Miguel that from now on he will be making shoes instead of shining school after school. Miguel asked that what if he’s not good at making shoes, they all think he’s just nervous and Enrique said that Miguel have nothing to worry about stating "You have your family to guide you." Later, Miguel appears and tells the family that Ernesto de la Cruz is his great great grandfather and that he's going to become a musician. Enrique and his mother try to talk him out of this idea with Elena even going so far as to destroy his guitar to prevent him from pursuing this path. Enrique feels guilty for upsetting his son especially after he runs off and is overjoyed after he comes home.



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