"Panda-monium" is the eighth episode of Mickey Mouse.



Mickey attempts to photograph a bashful panda bear at the Beijing Zoo.


Mickey goes to the Beijing Zoo. In the zoo, he takes pictures of various animals. He comes across a Baby Panda, and Is ready to photo him. However, Every time Mickey tries to take a Picture of him, the Panda's look changes. (e.g. Panda puts a fake mustache on) Mickey ends up in a Monkey yard, and he runs up a tree. Mickey tries to take a picture in the tree, but the camera is knocked out of his hand by an Elephant. Mickey lands in the Panda's pen. The Baby Panda takes the camera and runs with it. As a result of hitting a pole twice while triying to get the camera back , Mickey ends up with two black eyes, Making the Mother Panda thinking Mickey is a Panda. The Short ends with the Baby Panda taking a picture of Mickey being cradled by the Mother Panda.


Voice Cast

  • Chris Diamantopoulos - Mickey Mouse
  • Alex Chu - Vulture
  • Aaron Springer - Mickey's camera or Funyon.
  • Frank Welker - several monkeys, crocodile, bird


Place in the World

  • Beijing Zoo, Beijing, China