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Pamela Hamster is a gerbil from the television program Fish Hooks who lives in Hamsterwood. She has pink hair and is very famous for her roles on Hamster TV. She is very friendly and enjoys acting. Milo possibly has a crush on her, as he is one of her fans. She was known as a hamster to most fish and hamsters, but was revealed to be a gerbil ("Pamela Hamster Returns").


Pamela Hamster is a hamster actress in her town, Hamsterwood, and very popular. She fell in love with Milo when she met him, but he was wearing a hamster costume. Pamela met Milo when Milo went to her office and impressed her. Pamela and Milo became girlfriends with Milo, but then it is revealed that Pamela is in the show "I Dares Ya!", which is a show where she dares someone to do something, and this time, she dared the contestants, Greg and Nancy, 10,000 dollars for eating Bea. Milo distracted Pamela while Oscar untied Bea ("Hooray for Hamsterwood"). Pamela reappeared when she decided to visit Milo in Freshwater. She and Milo were talking to each other on the computer, when she told Milo she's coming to visit Milo. Milo took all the water from the tanks so Pamela won't find out that Milo's a fish. Milo took Pamela to a dinner, which is where she realized Milo was a fish and revealed she was a gerbil, but she went to Hamsterwood for her role on "Hamsters in Hamsterly Place." Pamela also has been on other shows in Hamsterwood such as "Hamster School Musical", "Hamsters of Hamsterly Place", and "Secret Teen Witch Hamster," ("Pamela Hamster Returns"). It is revealed that she broke up with Milo in Bea Dates Milo.

Personal Life

Pamela is actually a gerbil, but she stars on hamster TV shows and hamster films. She is dating Milo, even though she had to leave for a TV role, Pamela Hamster Returns even while he confessed to being a fish (and she confessed to being a gerbil).They decided to have a long-distance relationship. It is revealed in Bea dates Milo, that they broke up due to Pamela being very busy on her schedule and they have no time spending together. In Bea's Sneaks Out, in the party of ferrets, Pamela has a new boyfriend, until Milo was sad and wanted to return home. In Fish Prom she broke up with her new boyfriend but Milo is mad at her then later they get back together and go to prom.

Background Information

  • Pamela Hamster is revealed to be a gerbil ("Pamela Hamster Returns").
  • Since Pamela is a gerbil, her name might soon be revealed to be "Pamela Gerbil".
  • Pamela Hamster had a co-star named "Sterling Hamsterton".
  • Pamela hamster didn't know Milo was a fish until Pamela Hamster Returns, where he admitted it.


  • "Hooray for Hamsterwood" (First appearance)
  • "Legend of the Earth Troll" (Non-speaking cameo)
  • "Pamela Hamster Returns"
  • "Bea Dates Milo" (Non-speaking cameo)
  • "Bea Sneaks Out"

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