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Mickey improving the Wasteland

Paint is the blue substance in the Epic Mickey video game that can be used with Mickey's Paintbrush. It can restore objects dissolved by Thinner. Paint can make Blotlings and characters friendly towards Mickey and unmelt thinned characters. It can slow the Beetleworx but can't destroy their armors or change them. Using paint, Mickey will be able to attract Tints. The more paint Mickey uses, the less ink will rise off of Mickey, making him look more "solid."


Paint is the main substance that all cartoon creations are made of.

Mickey accidentally created the seemingly indestructible Shadow Blot out of Paint and Thinner (by mixing them together).

Effects on Wasteland and Mickey

  • Mickey will look more "solid", meaning that he will have less of the blot's ink rise off him.
  • The people of Wasteland will act much happier and nicer towards Mickey.
  • The music of the game will sound slightly more upbeat.
  • Oswald will act nicer towards Mickey (although he will still make faces at him when he turns away from him).
  • Gus will congratulate Mickey on doing a good job.


  • Your Paint capacity can regenerate to almost half its total (shy 1/2 a paint bucket).

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