Paco is one of the main characters in Herbie Goes Bananas. He is a mischievous, orphaned pickpocket.

Role in the film

Paco ran away from an unnamed orphanage and started living on the streets pick pocketing to survive. He first met Pete Stancheck and Davy Jones when they were trying to find the place they would pick up Herbie. As he helped them he snatched their wallets and also stole the wallets belonging to Prindle, Quinn and Shepard which had some important film on a the location of a lost Inca city. Prindle, Quinn and Shepard soon began a manhunt for him and had the Mexican police on him. Herbie helped him escape by hiding under his hood. At the time the two became friends and he named Herbie Ocho. (Spanish for eight after he added up the five and three in Herbie's 53.)

He was soon discovered by the crew and spent the rest of the cruise locked in the store room with Herbie until they arrived in port where he would be taken back to his foreign country. Paco was very sad to see his friend get thrown overboard and was nearly captured by Prindle and Quinn after arriving in Panama. He managed to escape to the country where he was reunited with Herbie after swimming all the way from where he was dropped. Prindle and Quinn caught up with them and threatened to cut up Herbie unless he got the film he stole back. Paco and Herbie successfully got the film back but double crossed Prindle and Quinn making a run for it. Paco was captured and brought along the search for the Inca City where he witnessed Prindle, Quinn, and Sherpard discover the gold. After they found what they were looking for they abandoned Paco in the jungle where he was lost and terrified by strange sounds. Herbie and the gang soon found him and together they stole the gold from the three men. When Prindle, Quinn and Shepard stole the gold back, Paco and Herbie went after them and wrecked their plane, preventing them from escaping.


  • Paco is short for "Francisco".


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