"Our Miss Minnie" is a song from Minnie's Greatest Hits. This song is on the video Disney Sing Along Songs: From Hercules.


Come along and meet Miss Minnie
Everybody falls for Minnie Mouse
She's the heart and soul
In Mickey's house
You should see her charm and grace.

Say hello to our Miss Minnie
Some may try to win her
With their style
But there is only one
Who makes her smile
'Cause she loves his funny face

When she steps out
Everybody knows that
Minnie's back in town
There's no doubt
As you might suppose
She loves romance
And can she dance!

You can take a tip from Minnie
At anything she does
She seems at ease
And she also loves
To play the tease
But only with one lucky guy

She's got flashing eyes
She's the vixen
Her fans all idolize
And when those guys
Are all fixing to
Strut their stuff
She calls their bluff

Nobody is quite like Minnie
Whether on the ground
Or in the air
Her admirers gather everywhere
To just be close enough to say
She's a one and only
Who never will be lonely
'Cause everyone
Loves Minnie Mouse!