Otika (close up)


Otika is one of the minor protagonists from Disney's 1940 short The Pastoral Symphony, segment of the 1940 film Fantasia. Though she appeared in the film while it was in theaters, she, like Sunflower, has been removed from all releases of the film due to being a racial stereotype.


Like Sunflower, Otika appears to be a very young Centaurette and is smaller than the other Centaurettes. Unlike Sunflower, Otika serves Bacchus along with the Zebra Centaurettes. She is kind and is a great servant but will be uncertain what to do if her master, Bacchus, ends up drunk.


Otika is only seen once in the entire segment. She is seen rolling the red carpet down so that Bacchus can sit on a wooden chair. She is uncertain about this and when Bacchus falls off the chair she runs off and is not seen again in the rest of the segment.


  • Despite being a character from Fantasia, Otika does not appear in future releases of the film. Just like the case with Sunflower, the scene that showed her is objectionable and was removed from the film to prevent racial controversy.
  • Like Sunflower, Otika is not seen or heard of at the Disney theme parks. Finding a publicity still of her in the film is more difficult than finding a still of Sunflower.
  • As the same with Sunflower, Otika is neither seen in House of Mouse or other Disney TV shows.
  • Otika only has one scene in the entire segment, which is less than that of Sunflower. She is seen rolling the red carpet down for Bacchus and then running off after he falls off a wooden chair.