Orville is a small, red bird, taught to fly by Pluto. He made only one animated appearance in the 1948 animated short Pluto's Fledgling.

Role in the Short

Orville, a baby bird, is left by his mother his siblings, whom already are trying to forget him. Upon wishing to fly like his family, Orville gets up on the nest and jumps up and down. He jumps out of his nest, desperately trying to fly, but fails, then ends up landing in Pluto's water dish, causing Pluto to wake up and see Orville drowning. Pluto rescues Orville and returns him to his nest.

Later, however, the little bird pushes the twigs out of his nest and tries to fly again, but when he cannot succeed, fails, then falls again, and this time, lands on Pluto's nose, causing the dog to wake up and bark. In a very quick defensive reaction, Pluto doesn't realise that in the next moment the little bird is in his mouth. After that, the little bird tries to fly, then ends up falling, and grabbing onto Pluto's nose. When Pluto sees that the little bird can't fly, he feels guilty to the tiny creature. Pluto then teaches the little bird how to fly; which is successfully made in the end.