Oreo is an American cookie making company produced by Nabisco. Although not owned by Disney, in Wreck-It Ralph, the castle guards that serve King Candy are walking Oreo cookies. They later serve Vanellope after King Candy's death.


The Oreos are King Candy's castle guards. They now supposedly protect Vanellope from harm since she is the current ruler of Sugar Rush. They are quick to jump to arms at any given word, and take their jobs very seriously.

They have stocky hands and feet in white cream, chocolate and wield long spears. They also have a small brown legs, which are barely visible due to the large body. Other than the song they perform, "March of the Oreos", none of the guards have a speaking part in the film.


  • As they patrol the castle, the Oreo Guards chant: "O-re-o, oreee-o!" This is similar to the chants of the Winkie Guards in The Wizard of Oz.