Ooh and Aah are animated monkey puppets who served as mascots and hosts for Playhouse Disney following the retirement of Clay as mascot and prior to its conversion to Disney Junior. The two were also the main characters in a series of shorts that aired on the network, Ooh, Aah & You.

The two were somewhat goofy and enjoyed eating bananas. Ooh was older and generally calmer, with a fondness for classical music. Aah was younger and by contrast somewhat hyper, liking to play a lot. Ooh was voiced by Marty Stelnick and later Simon Kennedy. Jason Hopley and later Matt Moore provided the voice of Aah.

They also play games and do stuff to find out what's up next

The two were also in a number of their own songs on the album Playhouse Disney: Music Play Date and covered "You've Got a Friend in Me" on the album Disney Music Block Party.