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One Sweet Race storybook
Written by Elle D. Risco
Illustrated by Brittney Lee
Release date September 18, 2012
Publisher Disney Press
ISBN 978-1423166283
# of pages
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One Sweet Race is a Wreck-It Ralph storybook written by Elle D. Risco and illustrated by Brittney Lee. Set sometime following the events of the movie, the book focuses on the Sugar Rush Racers characters, particularly Rancis Fluggerbutter and Vanellope von Schweetz.  


Rancis has always wanted to win a Sugar Rush Cup, but he has never actually won a race, and the other racers, especially Taffyta Muttonfudge, make fun of him for it. Rancis sells all of his belongings to pay for the best kart the bakery can make, but he is unable to control the kart during the next race and crashes it. Vanellope drives up and he explains to her that he just sold everything he owned to get his now-crashed car and cannot buy another one. Vanellope helps Rancis build a new kart using a slice of cake from the Stale Cake Depot and various candies to use as parts, and afterward, he names it RV1, after both of them. The next day, Rancis drives RV1 in the next race and finally manages to win.


  • The book says that Rancis never wins, but he is shown on the roster of playable racers in the movie. Although he only has to cross the finish line in 9th or better to be added to the playable roster, he may not have actually come in first even once.
  • Candlehead is referred to as Minty. This may be because the book was written before the final screenplay of the film was written and Candlehead and Minty became two separate characters or were renamed.


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