One Meerkat too Many is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


In the oasis, Timon and Pumbaa are relaxing themselves. Pumbaa asks Timon if he misses any other meerkats, but Timon replies by stating he doesn't as he feels that other meerkats are "troublemakers and busybodies". When Timon finishes his rant, he notices an intruder to their jungle home. Pumbaa wants to say hello, but Timon holds him back stating he doesn't seem friendly. Timon also claims they must wait, and to keep an eye out on him.

The next morning, the two wake up, and go over to the favorite stop to eat until they notice that the intruder has discovered their breakfast stop. Later that day, Timon and Pumbaa go over to go take a swim in the pool until they notice the intruder is using it to take a bath. When Pumbaa finally tries to introduce himself, the intruder is very unfriendly to him. That same evening, the duo sees the intruder has taken their favorite spot in the jungle to sleep. Pumbaa decides to peacefully confront the intruder, but the intruder insults the warthog saying he makes noises and messes, and that he smells awful. Pumbaa runs back to Timon crying.

After that, Timon and Pumbaa come up with ways to force him out of their home. One plan was to make noise by banging on some hard rocks, but their plan fails. They later decide to use a lion to scare the intruder off, but when they awaken the lion, the intruder saves them from being eating. Timon and Pumbaa meet the intruder again, and try to introduce him to their favorite stop where they eat their grubs. However, the intruder claims he was only there to find places, like that, to avoid. Timon introduces the new meerkat to their pool, but the intruder leaves wanting to find another place with no insects, no pools, and no other animals.


  • Simba is never seen in the story, so presumably he hasn't arrived yet.
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