Once Upon a Mouse is a theatrical featurette highlighting Disney's animated legacy starting with Steamboat Willie in 1928. It was released to theaters on July 10, 1981 on the same bill as The Fox and the Hound.

The featurette is notable for combining scenes from Disney's animated features and shorts with then new and state-of-the-art computer graphics.

The finale montage was used as part of the intro to Disney's Limited Gold Edition series of videocassettes.

The featurette was never released on home video in the United States and was only released on home video internationally. It was aired on Disney Channel since the mid 1980s, up until 2002 when the nighttime block Vault Disney was removed. The short has been rumored to return as part of the Treasures of the Disney Vault on Turner Classic Movies.


  • The song "Minnie Yoo Hoo" used on the ending credits, is the sped up version used for the ending to the 1970s TV series "Mouse Factory."
  • The Overture from The Mickey Mouse Revue is briefly heard in some montage parts.