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On the Steps of the Palace is a song sung by Cinderella in the film Into the Woods. The song is also found in the musical by the same name.



He's a very smart Prince,

He's a Prince who prepares.

Knowing this time I'd run from him,

He spread pitch on the stairs.

And I'm caught unawares.

Well it means that-he cares.

This is more than just malice.

Better stop and take stock

While you're standing here stuck

On the steps of the palace.

Alright, what do you want?

Have to make a decision.

Why not stay and be caught?

Should I give that a thought?

What would be his response?

But then what if he knew

Who I am when you know

That I'm not what he thinks

That he wants?

Or then what if I am?

What a Prince would envision?

But then how can you know

Who you are till you know

What you want, which I don't?

So then which do you pick:

Where you're safe, out of sight,

And yourself, but where everything's wrong?

Or where everything's right

But you know that you'll never belong?

And whichever you pick,

Do it quick,

'Cause you're starting to stick

To the steps of the palace.

It's my first big decision,

The choice isn't easy to make.

To arrive at a ball

Is exciting and all-

Once you're there, though, it's scary.

And it's fun to deceive

When you know you can leave,

But you have to be wary.

There's a lot that's at stake,

But I've stalled long enough,

'Cause I'm still standing stuck

In the stuff on the steps...

Better run along home

And avoid the collision.

Though at home they don't care,

I'll be better off there

Where there's nothing to choose,

So there's nothing to lose.

So I'll pry up my shoes.

Wait, thought thinking it through;

Things don't have to collide,

I know what my decision is,

Which is not to decide.

I'll just leave him a clue:

For example, a shoe.

And then see what he'll do.

Now it's he and not you

Who'll be stuck with a shoe,

In a stew, in the goo,

And I've learned something, too,

Something I never knew,

On the steps of the palace.


  • Many lines from the original version of the song were changed for the film.

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