On a Silver Platter is a 1990 Donald Duck comic by Don Rosa.


Scrooge McDuck receives a silver platter for his Number One Dime as a gift from an anonymous admirer. Pleased at this, Scrooge places the dime on the platter. This turns out to be a trap set by Scrooge's old enemy Magica De Spell: the platter is in fact a magical teleportation device, connected to an identical one in Magica's house at Mount Vesuvius, Italy. As soon as Scrooge places his dime on the platter, it disappears and reappears at Magica's house, where she easily steals it. Magica has forgotten to turn the spell off after stealing the dime, so Scrooge and Donald soon catch wind of the plot: whatever they place on the platter instantly appears at Magica's house, and vice versa. Thus they begin to use Magica's spell against her, creating all sorts of havoc to keep Magica from melting the coin down into a magical amulet: first (a part of) Donald runs around Magica's house, randomly crashing into things, then Scrooge fires a cannon into Magica's house and Donald uses a fire extinguisher into there. Finally Scrooge threatens to flood Magica's house with seawater unless she surrenders and gives up the dime. Magica does, but with a parting gift: a whole boxful of foof bombs.


Rosa mentions that he finds this story particularly funny because Scrooge and Magica engage in full-scale combat without either of them ever leaving their home. It was only after Rosa completed and published this story that he learned his old mentor Carl Barks had used a similar concept of a teleportation device in his 1961 story Stranger than Fiction, published in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories issue #249.

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