On His Own Four Paws is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


When Mufasa warns Simba that he must never go alone to the river as there are too many dangerous animals, Simba is upset, and tells his father that he is big. Mufasa replies that even big lions can get in trouble, and that he can only to go the river only with Sarabi's supervision. She follows him but before she can catch up, a giant ape pops out from a tree, and swings Simba on an island in the river surrounded by crocodiles. Simba escapes by hopping on a floating log that takes him through a cave filled with bats. The bats swarm at Simba, but he goes down a waterfall and into the desert. Luckily, he finds the jungle oasis there, and refreshes himself.

When he returns to Sarabi, he tells his mother to never stop protecting him. Sarabi replies, "Of course not, Simba! I love you too much!"

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